✅ [iOS] Splitting the bill and sharing tabs with non Monzo users

Planning to go interrailing with Monzo, however I can’t seem to split the bill or start shared tabs with non Monzo users. I’ve split the bill before so don’t know why it isn’t letting me, but haven’t ever used shared tabs.

How can I fix this?


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Hmm how peculiar :eyes: … I’ve just moved your post into the help section, hope you don’t mind :blush:

Which device & app version are you on? (App version can be viewed on the profile page within the app :sunglasses:)

I’ve just checked out bill splitting on my account and other than a bit of QI to cover the amounts :joy::
It looks like it’s working perfectly :see_no_evil:

When you head into a transaction and hit “split the bill”, scroll to the bottom and hit “next”, then “add someone not on monzo” - you should see Friend 1,2,3… Appear :grin:

As for a shared tab :eyes: I’ve not used one before :sweat_smile: I cannot see a way to add a non-monzo user. But I’ve not got a tab open with an existing monzo user, I’ll see if I can grab a friend to help me test this out for you :grin:

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Thanks! Using iOS. This is what I see:


Shared Tabs

You can’t create a Shared Tab with a non-Monzo user. I highly recommend you try to convince your friends to also get Monzo so you can all use Shared Tabs together.

NB: Remember to get them to sign up using your Golden Tickets so you both get £5!

Bill Splitting

Have you enabled payments with friends in the Payments tab?

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Where can I check for this? Thanks

If you navigate to the Payments Tab of your Monzo app (look at the menu at the bottom of the app) and the option to turn it on should be there.


Eek, if @awjdean’s suggestion doesn’t work then I believe you’ve encountered a bug… A bug that was reported quite a while ago :sweat_smile:

I hoped that it would’ve been fixed by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but it seems not :thinking:

Hopefully it’s just the payments with friends option but if it’s not then this thread will (hopefully :wink:) remind the folks at monzo that this bug still exists :bug:

(The bug being that you can’t add non-monzo users to a bill split without having at least a single contact already on monzo)


I know it’s not massively helpful… But on Android, after revoking the contacts permission, I can still proceed to split the bill with non-monzo users :eyes:


Seems to me like an iOS bug :see_no_evil:


Seems to be. Hope they fix it soon, pretty annoying.

Thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any time! :boom:

Hopefully this thread gets picked up on Monday :sunglasses: not sure who to @ on the iOS side of things :see_no_evil: perhaps @HughWells could weigh in on this? :blush:

If you could neatly surmise the issue in a paragraph for me then yes :blush:

I cannot split bills with non Monzo users.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah thank you - I was hoping for @nexusmaniac to maybe summarise the troubleshooting he’s done and steps to reproduce :slight_smile:

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My apologies!

It works fine on android so it’s not one Marcus can replicate :grin:

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By the looks of it, on the IOS app if you don’t have any contacts on monzo you can’t split the bill with someone who isn’t on monzo (using monzo.me).


Must have been fairly recently broken - managed to do it before Christmas. Hope this gets fixed soon! :smiley:

Yep I’m in iOS and cannot do this.


Any update on this? Not fixed after latest update for me.


This appears to have been fixed in the latest TestFlight :smiley:

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