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We have Direct Debit support force, where we harass companies to update their sort codes. :smirk:
We have offline card payments (unmanned petrol stations and all) topic, it was in the topic related to Monzo’s challenge.

This topic will be dedicated to online payments, where Monzo’s BIN is unrecognised or shows up as the wrong type of card (prepaid, credit and therefore is not accepted).

I tried to add Monzo debit card to National Lottery, but it had been displaying an error. I had a ticket with The National Lottery and they said that Monzo needs to contact WorldPay to update BINs.

@Louis.cox Can you please confirm that Worldpay is okay with Monzo’s BIN, or chase them if required?

If you have any other merchant problems where the debit card was not accepted (and it’s not an offline terminal), please add them here. :smiley:

Some hints:

  • when speaking to Merchant, it’s okay to disclose 6 first digits of your card, that’s BIN number.
  • you can send a screenshot of your BIN number search in this tool to prove that it exists.

I have spent weeks now trying to get CrossCountry to fix their website but to no avail…

Is it a CA card that the XC web site isn’t accepting? If so, as a frequent customer I’ll have a moan at them too in prep for when I try to use one.

It is indeed! Please do! They think I’m some kind of crazy guy at the moment… :wink:

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Just spoken with their web support. Oh dear! Failed miserably in even getting them to understand the problem. Not giving up.

Most likely they use some payment gateway, just like National Lottery told me they use WorldPay. You can ask them about payment gateway/processor, and most likely they are the faulty party.

Companies rarely process payments directly, usually, it’s some integration, sagepay, worldpay, cybersource and so on - so that’s what we need to fix. Good thing is, fixing it on one, should fix it for all merchants that use a particular gateway. :muscle:

Indeed. But they are refusing to pass on details or get someone to talk to Monzo.

So most if not all of the UK TOCs use the trainline and its software for online booking, here is an extract from the crosscountry terms and conditions:

“The ticketing facility accessed via this website is operated by Limited. Any ticket transaction is solely between you and and is subject to’s terms and conditions. We are not a party to the transaction and exclude all liability for any loss or damage arising from or in connection with the transaction.”

Has anyone tried any of the other TOCs/The trainline or pestering them?


Need to sort out National Lottery now.


Shots fired…


If anyone can respond to this feel free… might help move it along…

I’m beginning to think The National Lottery intentionally make the whole online experience a lottery! Curiously, since my legacy bank card is expiring, and they won’t accept my Monzo card, they are refunding my nominal balance to my expired legacy card. Exactly how nuts is that?!? I mean a) why refund b) why to an expired card and c) why not just fix the problem instead!

Mind you if you’ve ever tried to use their iPhone app to buy tickets it’s hardly a surprise that technology baffles them.


This is the latest response from National Lottery
And, to be fair, I did see a WorldPay error come up once when trying to add my Debit Card


Good thought. Have just emailed Train line. Will post any response

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The Trainline app accepts the card

Interesting, So the trainline itself accepts the card but it doesn’t work on their white label product offered to the TOCs, I feel like this could be problematic to explain to their support.

@Intrepid was that transaction just using their normal site?

@maxjwalker that was using the android app from play store using card payment as guest for an advance single ticket


Okiedokie so we know that the trainline app works on Android.

@crablab have you tried the crosscountry app? (If it lets you order through there) alternatively has anyone tried the trainline desktop website?

I sense that this may be a trickier problem than we first thought

Yup, app works website doesn’t.
CrossCountry have been useless at getting anyone in touch. Am currently talking to the Trainline and hoping Data Protection won’t be cited…

Ok, I harassed National Lottery a bit more, about them contacting worldpay too and that’s their response:


That’s good, I guess. :wink: