The Monzo Current Account Preview

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #728

Not me though… :eyes:

Should Danny get a CA invite?
(Nick) #729

I notice that I still get the message at an ATM saying that the “card issuer might make a charge - so you wish to continue?”

I thought this was going to vanish with the use of the Current Account debit cards - or will this be the case when the final cards are issued as I’m aware the nameless ones are temporary?

(Alex Sherwood) #730

I’d consider that a bug so it’s worth reporting via the in-app chat.

I’m curious to hear what the team’s answer is :slight_smile:

(Nick) #731

OK thanks - will do - will post anything I hear.

(Nick) #732

Been told it is something that might happen with the first generation debit card - and something hoping to be fixed with the new versions…

(Rika Raybould) #733


For a touch of insider info, the very first debit cards we gave out (with the older Mastercard logo and the same chip as the beta) do not have our custom chip settings. :slightly_smiling_face:

If anybody reading this has one of the newer cards, check out this thread. :point_down:

(Dan Warriner) #734

I really hope this happens soon! I’ve not been able to get down to London.

Are any of the :mondo: team able to comment on when this is likely to come to fruition?

(Colin Robinson) #735

When I got my card I’m sure I was told that they would be able to post cards out after they’d ironed out any bugs in the validation process.

(Tristan Thomas) #736

We’re testing it now and will continue to do so in small-ish numbers in August. In September, we’re aiming to roll out about 15k cards through the post.

Monzo Current Account Counter
What We Know About the Current Accounts & Debit Cards / FAQ :bank: :credit_card: (open Wiki)
(Dan Warriner) #737

Amazing! Is the testing internal or is it small amount of public sign ups?

(Damien) #738

When are the next batch of invites due to be sent out?

(Lance Rumbolt) #740

I just got an invitation for the current account. Will be going to set it up on Tuesday… Woohoo!!

(Lance Rumbolt) #741

I just got an invite today so about now I guess. Mine is the android app.


If you use Android and iOS, can you use both once you get the current account?

(Alex Sherwood) #743

Yes, I’ve heard from another user that, that’s what they’re doing.

That replicates the behavior of the prepaid app.


Thanks @alexs. I’ll find out for myself on Tue hopefully :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Daryl) #745

Is it just investors being invited at the moment? As a few people I know of haven’t invested yet been invited and now have current accounts.

I was under the impression it was be investors first?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #746

Nope :slight_smile: It’s not just investors at the moment - I can’t find the post that described how the preview was going to be managed… But iirc investors have some sort of priority but not exclusivity :slight_smile:

I.e. I’ve been invited next Tuesday and I’m not a successful investor (I did try though :smiley:)

(Daryl) #747

Must of missed he post where they pulled the investors will be first to the current account. Bit pissed at that as that was part of the reason behind investing for the second time.

(Alex Sherwood) #748

Hold that thought :slight_smile: I’ll just find you the post from the team that explains what’s happening here..


Here you go -

Also, even the press aren’t being given special access to the preview :joy: