Community Digest 18/08/17

(Naji Esiri) #1

We hosted the second Exchange event, talking code tests, good bad and ugly with @emmag, ex Maker’s Academy coach Leo Allen and Brad Richards Head of Talent Acquisition from Badoo. Watch the presentations and discussion back here.

@philhewinson brought us up to speed with the first round of in-app partnership tests.

The community bonded over shared frustrations with legacy banking

We’re exactly a week into the Gotta Catch em all challenge, and the response has been amazing! Thank you to every single current account holder who has reported issues here or shared their feedback. Your contributions go a long way to helping us make the Monzo current account the best it can possibly be. We’re working hard to resolve acceptance issues with merchants as they arise :+1:

And if you were in any doubt that Huel hysteria has a full grip on the Monzo offices - here is the damning photographic evidence to prove it :see_no_evil: