Gotta catch 'em all β€” The Monzo Current Account Preview testing challenge πŸ†

(Jamie Kelly) #22

I’m sorry man! Feel free to take the t-shirt instead of me!

(Adam Williams) #23

Thanks, but that wouldn’t be fair :slight_smile:


Needed a new wallet anyway!

(Damian) #25

SagePay seems to work with my Gen 2 card (used via Green Gardener website):

(Matt) #26

Heading to costco tomorrow but my current account card is 1st gen :frowning:

(Frank) #27

I use 50% of this list on a regular basis. Roll on Tuesday and hoping it’s 2nd gen being handed out.


This is cold, but hilarious lol,

(Adam Williams) #29

Attempt #2, Morrisons contactless

Was a success!

(Ziad) #30

Just tried Brewdog online and it didn’t work :frowning:


I understood this as a call for all Monzo Minions to attack the laziest merchants. Is that what it is? :metal:


Superdrug contactless isn’t working, nothing showed up in the app and the terminal just showed β€œNot authorised” and then β€œTransaction void” when trying chip&pin :confused:

Just noticed that my balance went down by twice the amount paid, but no transactions are shown :smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #33

Thanks, it sounds like there might be an outage for the current accounts this morning (the support team are looking into it) so that may be why your payments failed.

That’s the behaviour that’s been reported by other users too :+1:

It’s only contactless that didn’t work for the prepaid cards.

(Ziad) #34

Just tried again this evening and it worked!

(Tristan Thomas) #35

Amazing so far, thank you! I’ve updated the original post with the following information:

@Jkb114 β€” Tesco Pay at Pump β€” doesn’t work

@jk563htc β€” Huel β€” works

@Avidfanofstuff β€” Pull&Bear β€” works

@dlegresley β€” SagePay β€” works

@adam.williams β€” Morrisons Contactless β€” works

@elziado β€” Brewdog β€” works

Can all those tagged please drop me an email to with the t-shirt design you’d like linked from and the address you’d like it to be posted too please :pray:

And to everyone else, please keep the testing coming!

(Tom Warren) #36

Do I get two shirts if I go to Pay at Pump at Costco? :smiley:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #37

Save some shirts for the rest of us :wink: Hahaha!

(Frank) #38

Costco have a petrol station?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #39

Apparently so! :slight_smile:

(Was news to me too haha)

(Tom Warren) #40

Yeah closest one to me had one for couple years now. New one opened next to my work couple months ago now too :hugs:

(Frank) #41

I would say our Costco has space for one but there is a shell and another in very close proximity.