Got new phone can't log into Monzo

Recently changed my phone to samsung S6. Installed Monzo app but when I put my email in to log in it then tells me to click on link in email they send

I have done this and each time it tells me I have to click on most recent email to log in- BUT I AM!!!

This has been going on for a week now and is getting very frustrating

Please help

Are you definitely using the email address that you signed up to Monzo with, when you tried to log in?

If so you can still contact the support team by emailing & they’ll be able to sort this out for you.


Hey Sam!

There are a few reasons you may not be receiving the e-mail. If you haven’t been in touch with customer support yet, it’s worth checking if you’ve blocked Monzo’s access to your data on your phone at any point :thinking:

yes def the correct email address . I will email the help

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how would i know if i blocked Monzo data- the app installed fine on phone

Sorry not sure this very clear- I will message you directly :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Sam :wave: I think you may be receiving delayed login emails and therefore tapping on expired magic links.

This sometimes happens, especially if your email address is a Yahoo or Btinternet one.

Also, if your email client in your phone threads messages from the same sender, you may be tapping on a very old link without realizing it.

All in all my suggestion is:

  • Delete from your inbox all the login emails you’ve ever received.
  • Request 1 (and only 1) new login email (make sure you enter the email address associated to your active Monzo account).
  • Wait patiently for the login email. Don’t request a new one.
  • Keep your inbox (and spam folder) checked for at least 30 minutes.
  • If/when you receive the email, tap on the magic link. You’re back in! :punch:
  • If it still does not arrive, contact support, provide your email address and the 9 digit code of your Monzo card (bottom left), and ask to investigate.

Hope this helps!


ah not sure what happened but it finally worked. Thanks guys

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Can anyone tell me how quickly the magic link expires? I have had similar problems and suspect that even though message says “you must use latest email” it is actually detecting that it has expired and giving a misleading message.

It expires in 10 minutes, I’m discussing whether to increase this now.


@TopCat as of today -


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