Been logged out of my app

Hi I’ve been logged out of the app on my phone and now I can’t get back into my account can someone help please

Try contacting if you can’t access the in-app chat.

you could try these steps

1 delete the app
2 switch off phone
3 restart phone
4 deleting all of the “magic link” login emails you have in your email account from Monzo previously
5 reload app
6 enter your email address as supplied to Monzo originally
7 wait for email magic link to be sent , don’t try again as this will upset the process - wait a good ten minutes
8 check junk mail folder if it hasn’t arrived

if that doesnt work

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What exactly is step four supposed to achieve? If you don’t click old magic links they won’t do any harm

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What happens when you try to get in?

I think a lot of people try to log in with a different email to the one associated with their monzo account, so do make sure that is correct.

All sorted now thanks guys

you would have to ask Tristan about that - Im just trying to offer advice on posts Ive read over the last couple of years :slight_smile:

and this one -

Hi guys all is sorted now I deleted the app reinstalled it put my details in and all was sorted.Thank you all for your advice

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