Cannot log in to account

(Michelle ) #1

Hi, I can not get into my account, give the correct email, monzon sends email back with the magic button to press, I press, it sends me to the app but then says use last sent email but I am. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still nothing I am now stuck abroad with no way of seeing how much is in my account or any thing. any one able to help I have sent an email but nothing back so far


(Sean) #2

Hi, advice for this type of situation has been to delete all Magic Links in your inbox and then request a new one.


( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

( the 9 digit code mentioned was when it was prepaid cards )


(Michelle ) #4

Hi thanks for advise, I have deleted all other magic buttons, still giving me the same.


(Michelle ) #5

Hi, still no good looking at time scale and only done it once more, deleted everything, waited till now to try again but nothing, contacted not been in contact yet.
Thanks though to all the advise

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(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #6 will be of some help to you if you’re keen to check your balance :slight_smile:

It doesn’t sound like this is your problem but check your spam emails to ensure the latest monzo magic link hasn’t ended up in there by mistake :ok_hand:

Hopefully monzo will get back to you shortly and figure out what’s going on with your login attempts :raised_hands:


(Michelle ) #7

Thanks managed to get and see balance, thanks for that.
Hopefully will get in to account soon.


(Aaron C) #8

Hello! I’m so sorry to hear this :disappointed:

Just to check, have you tried reinstalling your Monzo app?

If not, please can you try that? :pray:

If that doesn’t work, please can you then try signing into your email through a web browser rather than using your email app?

Thank you so much!