Can’t Get into Monzo - BUG?

For the last few days every time I have tried to get into Monzo, which I use daily, it has been totally ‘logged’ out so I have to get an email link sent to my registered email then log in from there.

As of yesterday when I request an email - they are not being revived into my Yahoo account. I have requested many times, nothing works. This means I am completely unable to access my account at present.

I am on the latest version of iOS. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing is working.

Have you contacted Monzo? (Presumably by the phone no on the card since you can’t access the chat feature)

Tried yesterday - but went into a hold pattern… and gave up. I will try again today! I’m just trying on here too to see if anyone else is having the same problem.

Is the email address you’ve provided a Yahoo one, or are you using an email redirect service that forwards to Yahoo?

I had a similar problem last year. I was using a redirect service from my own .com website to my Yahoo mail account, and it turned out that service was blocking Monzo’s emails as spam - and they weren’t even reaching me.

It took a while to understand what was going on, but once I’d contacted Monzo support and changed the email address they had for me to my Yahoo account (with no redirects), everything worked swimmingly.

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Hi Justin,

Thanks for this response. It is simply my yahoo account, there are no redirects on it.

I am accessing it via the mail app on my iPhone though - so I will see what happens if I log on through my MacBook.

Thanks again

Sorry if you’ve done this, but have you checked your junk/spam folder?

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No problem. Sorry my response wasn’t more helpful to you, but worth a shot!

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It won’t work if you log in from your MacBook. You’ll need to click on the magic link from the email on your phone as this is how it talks to the app :slight_smile:

Thanks Charlie - I did realise this. I was going to check on my laptop to see if the emails show there. This way I know if it is a yahoo/iOS issue or a Monzo issue.

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Thanks nelliep- yes I have checked there :blush:

Ok…it was just a thought! When you do get a solution please feedback so we know if it ever happens to us! :smile:

Hi guys,

I met the same problems and tried the methods above, no one works. I also sent email to but no reply. Any ideas from you will be highly welcomed.

Best regards,


This thread may be relevant:

SimonB recommenced to them to reinstall the app! Maybe you could try that and see if it works? :crossed_fingers:

Thank you dear, I tried to uninstalled and reinstalled but seems not working. Anyway, thank you for your kindly help.



Please try;

  1. Uninnstall the app (important)
  2. Download and install the app again on your phone
  3. Run the Monzo app, it will ask you for an email address
  4. Enter the same email address you used to initially join Monzo - the app will then send a magic link to that email address
  5. Using your phone’s email client to access your email (the same email used initially to sign up with Monzo), look for the very latest email from Monzo with a Magic Link and then follow the instructions in that email (it will have a box to tap on)
  6. Once tapped on, the Monzo app will open and login to your account - and should work from this point unless you log out of the app

If the above does not work, please let me know where it fails. I suspect it is step 5 which fails, which indicates your email client isn’t showing the Monzo email as received in the inbox. So it is either the wrong email being used (the email you’re trying doesn’t tally with the email held in you Monzo account) or there is filtering/spam/rejection happening which needs further checks on your email configuration.

Is there any way you can try the above on a different device to see if that works?

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Hi David,

Thank you for your advice.

I just tried several times according to the suggestions you provided, but still can’t receive any email from Monzo. I checked my yahoo inbox from PC or mobile. I’m sure I input the correct email address which I received the Monzo emails in March,2019. I also used another mobile to login to Monzo but still no email received.
I made call to Monzo and also emailed to but no response. Seems that the only thing I can do is counting on the response from Monzo some day so that I could use another email address instead.

Thank you for your kindly help.

Best regards,


Thanks for the update. The steps you’ve taken are the simplistic but fundamental steps to get access. Taking it that the email you are using is correct, I can only think that the email generated by Monzo (with the magic link) isn’t getting through to you for whatever reason - or - your Monzo isn’t generating the email at all (account may be suspended/closed?)

I’m afraid only Monzo can proceed further with this one. Sorry we couldn’t get you going here & good luck :crossed_fingers:

Hi David,

Thank you for this. I can still use my Monzo card for shopping currently. Fingers crossed.

Best regards,