Copy & Paste + multiple device login

Not been using Monzo long but coming from Starling there are a few simple things that really annoy me.

  1. To view card details on the app requires two separate presses, one for card number and one for CVC. Why? Just let us see all card details at once.

  2. Apple devices allow copying from one device and pasting to another, however, the Monzo app doesn’t seem to work with that function. Which is all the more annoying because of number 3 below.

  3. Why why why can I not login on both my iPad and iPhone at the same time? Wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a simple Face ID / Touch ID login but it isn’t. You have to click “I’m already a Monzo customer” and then watch an egregious animation followed by an email link and then entering a PIN?? Is this 2004 banking?


And then add a copy button below each one?

This seems like a huge security risk with bank details.

Would be good! I’m hoping that they tweak the screen so it’s more that the one where you can virtual card details (if you’re a Plus subscriber) - they’re all together on that one.

Feels a shame. This should (I think?) be standard Apple behaviour. I don’t see any particular security risk to it.

From the many topics that @Revels has posted (who seemed to find the time to do that but not to add any accompanying words about it) it seems like lots of folk would like it.

I’d also be keen - I suspect that’s it’s quite a big change for Monzo’s security model. Not a reason not to do it, but probably a bigger deal than we think.

Fingers crossed for this year, though.


It is, but Monzo are able to and have explicitly denied it for card number. It works if you copy your account number, for example.

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Feels a bit like someone has got a bit carried away with their risk assessment. Sad face.


Just hoping no one at Monzo reads this and thinks “ah shit, we forgot to turn it off for account number too”.


Just to say I would really support multi (same OS) device login or an iPad app. It’s amazing how little options there are out there for this with other banks.

Regarding the card number etc FD has done this well. It’s hashed out until you Face ID at which point you can see them and use them all in one. I know that could be considered a risk but at this point if someone is standing right behind me they’ll have seen my account details and amount of money in anyway…


This was a bit of a snide dig. I certainly don’t have the energy to do what @Revels does, but I appreciate the effort they go to anyway, they’re more charitable than I am. Also, why add to what’s already been discussed to death!?


It was meant to be a gentle nudge.

It’s done with the best of intentions but if I were a new user and just saw a list of pasted links I’d feel unwelcome - and I wouldn’t quite know what to do with them. Repost? Shut up?

A friendly sentence shouldn’t be too much to ask, I think.

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I replied to the other points.

“a friendly sentence” we’re all adults here, I’m sure OP isn’t sat crying in the corner because I didn’t say “this is a wonderful idea, but it’s been suggested dozens of times by people”.

This place is possibly one of the softest forums I’ve ever used, a lot of places either wouldn’t let the topics be started, or lock them, with or without telling them to search.

Sometimes I reply too, sometimes I just link. Depends on what the person says.

“Ooops, I should have searched”


I’ve only just finished crying!

No but seriously, thanks for the links, you are correct, I didn’t search first but just before creating the thread, I had experienced each of the 3 things mentioned which left me annoyed and just wanting to post.

I feel the multiple login is the most important of the 3 things I suggested but the other 2 I would still love to be implemented. I don’t believe there is a security risk to copying from one device and pasting to another and for an app so creative I can’t believe we require 3 or 4 presses to copy card number and CVV number.


It might be that Monzo are overly concerned that your card number is being broadcast in plain text - but as far as I am aware universal clipboard traffic between devices is encrypted. I’m not that read up on it all though.

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Btw @Revels whilst the links are helpful most of them are pre 2020. It would seem monzo isn’t too keen to sort this particular issue of multiple logins and so it’s always good to start a new convo and hopefully get people voting on the topic.


It’s actually the opposite really.

Those threads are all old, with a few votes splattered between them. It’s far better to have one topic with 100 votes, than 10 with 10 votes each. The best option would be to bump it and vote. Brings it back to attention with the previous history.

In reality, neither matter as Monzo will do it if/when they want, they know about it, 1 thread, 100 threads, 2 votes or 20k votes won’t change that.


I voted for the one thread that was still open and allowed voting


I’m not sure, tbh. I don’t think there is any particular silver bullet. I’d love to think that someone at Monzo protectively monitors vote numbers but I don’t think they do.

This is just a personal opinion, but I think this place works best when it’s free flowing conversation. That means that sometimes we might have the same conversation again. Who knows, I might even change my mind in the intervening time!

(I think I’m also of the view that, if I were Monzo* then I’d put more weight on a new message than a tap in a vote box, but I could be horribly wrong. I often am).

*I am not Monzo

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Thanks for the nudge @Revels - a merge/purge of old Topics is a great way to ease myself into 2023 (back today - hence the potential large amount of new posts getting approved)

@Peter_G thanks for helping with closing off some of the old ones :pray:


My guess is probably, it’s an issue that only affects a subsection of users (those with an iPad and and iPhone who want to bank on both), it probably also creates some security issues they have to think around. Despite all the threads I can see why it isn’t a big priority

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I think there’s enough staff viewing/posting that if someone had some super-smashing idea that had never been discussed internally, then someone would then raise it internally.

A few hundred votes in 2016 might have meant something, not so much now.

I agree, but having it all in one threads with one lot of votes, would at least make it easier when compiling your polls!

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Oh don’t get me wrong, I think one topic is better than many.

But looking back on the peak Coral Crew era, I think we were probably far too hasty to merge topics (which also dissuaded conversation and new users). That’s obviously not a thing now, but with only Alan at the helm, I wonder if there’s not a better middle ground somewhere.

In related news, on reflection my nudge was probably clumsy even if well intentioned, and made it about you rather than on how things work around here. So my apologies. I’m very sorry.

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