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Yep instant notifications for Lloyds. It’s encouraged me to keep the account even though I only got it for a switch boon

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I had such awful chat service with Lloyds.

Tried to get a payment authorised and chatbot didn’t understand my 3 attempts so “we are connecting you to an assistant”

14 hours later and no reply. Gave them a nudge. Then someone replied and gave me the chat opening hours which is basically 24/7 and then said they couldn’t help and bombarded me with survey questions. Awful!

Got through on the phone pretty quickly and easily though :rofl:

That’s always a nice change.

I take it their chat service is one of those they’ll reply at some point services.

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Yes notifications are usually instant. Even though what I found annoying is that they don’t send you notifications for all transactions but only the ‘unusual’ transactions. At least that’s what their help desk told me .

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I see Barclays have now released push notifications, is this for everything such as card payments & receiving money such as FP’s?



They definitely are catching up! Thanks for that :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t say high street banks adding instant notifications is them “catching up”, in fact I’d say it’s the opposite. They’re copying the neobank digital players, but at the same time backing themselves further into a technology corner – their whole systems are Frankenstein bits bolted onto to ageing software. Eventually* it will fail, and it keeps getting more expensive, and more difficult, to transition away.

(I say eventually*, but we’ve already witnessed parts of the NatWest entity go down for weeks.)




Also worth highlighting that it’s taken them years to introduce this, which puts into perspective how quickly Monzo and Co can launch features when compared to them.

In one talk I watched, from Gary H, one high street bank had quoted a timescale of a few months and a 5 figure budget for introducing a gambling block - something which started as an afternoon project for one engineer, at Monzo. The same for freezing a card - it should’ve just been a boolean flag in a database somewhere, but it was over complicated by the legacy banks.


It’s worth remembering that many of those banks could send you text messages when you made a transaction and had been able to do so for years before Monzo was created so in-app notifications duplicated something they already had.

If it was so easy for Monzo to make changes, you would think they would have much better support for joint accounts (for instance).


My take is that Monzo have a system where it is so easy to make changes that they sometimes go for that, and do it now, rather than overcomplicate and introduce delay. This is probably why joint accounts aren’t always supported by new features straight away, as to add support could delay the feature or [they are flexible enough to be able to launch without it so] they can launch without it.

Sort of Mininum Viable Product in action, and it makes sense as most users don’t have a joint account so for them it means the feature is available quicker, and even joint users can get the feature quicker if they are willing to use their personal account for it.

Yeah some of the systems are are bit old school, TSB’s migration was something else but they’re slowly getting there, I have accounts with TSB and to be honest, I must’ve been one of the lucky ones cause everything works fine for me :joy: but they’re on a “newer” operation system rather than renting from LBG. I use tsb for my savings and mortgage and Barclays for the rewards.

Most banks need to update their systems into this century, if Monzo can do this with their customer numbers vs for example Barclays with their customer numbers, they should easily do it but they might be scared incase a fiasco like what happened at TSB happens to them :joy::joy:

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The system is newer but not really less-complicated. In fact, much of it was coded in Spain by Sabis (Sabadell’s in-house IT group) which is now a bit of a headache for TSB.

It was designed to be a bit more modular, so it is easier to add new features, but under the hood it is quite complicated and it does seem to be relatively unreliable even now - 2 and a half years on.

TSB is the cautionary tale for traditional banks in terms of IT migration.


I think the key difference is that, as you say, Monzo are willing to launch a MVP rather than go through the more QA approach of other banks.

However, this often seems to be the point that Monzo stop development and move on to something else, rather than improve that product over time - hence joint accounts missing so many features that launched for sole accounts years ago.


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Yet Halifax text me 12 hours after all my direct debits have done out, and my standing order has gone in, to advise I “might be overdrawn”, Barclays text me my latest balance which is often inaccurate, Barclaycard text me my current balance but often miss recent payments, and Lloyds told me it takes 5 working days to change the phone number notifications are sent to.

Edit - and when I had a Natwest account, you could only get your balance sent by SMS once a week and it came with the caveat that it was up to 3 days old.

So, yeah, they might’ve had a system in place, but it still wasn’t real time.

MVP and QA aren’t opposite ends of the spectrum though. You can quite easily have an MVP which meets basic criteria, which has been through rigorous QA to ensure that it meets the brief and customer needs. It’s odd that you’re suggesting Monzo somehow sacrifice QA?


Which features are there for Individual accounts, that are not for joint? Plus, premium, what else?

Overdraft. Pretty much the most everyday feature of a current account.

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Quite a few features not implemented on Joint accounts - recently listed here: