Barclays New App

Hi guys.
For those interested Barclays now offer the ability to control all bank accounts you own within their app.

Not for me however, I would much rather stick to using Monzo’s app :slight_smile:

Control or view ?

View. And Monzo isn’t on the list


Its view other banks , but for my NatWest account it’s horrible as the transaction data is messed, for example for Sainsbury’s it’ll say [4488 21march18 Sainsbury’s…] So all you see in your transaction list is some numbers and the date then you have to click on it to see the rest of the data, they need to improve the way they scrape the data , it’s useless at the moment.


I reckon banks should partner with companies that do this as a business to get it right. Monzo should just integrate with cleo or Emma…

Sad thing is it’s going to be a horrible interface for a while as the legacy banks seem to have all kinds of old school limitations on access to transaction data / don’t want to open up fully