Monzo "too modern"?

I saw a comment on another thread:

Monzo is too ‘modern’ for some, display wise

And I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this — especially from people who agree with this or who have family members who agree with this. What do you find is the problem?


Showed the app to my mum and she said “oh no I don’t like that, I don’t like that at all” :joy:
It was fine when the bank knew the names of the places but the logos was a step too far :woman_facepalming:


I can’t comment from experience, because I haven’t really discussed the UI of Monzo in general.

However, I would place a large bet that some of the “concern” from certain people would be:

• Logos (as @Rat_au_van has just said!)
• Displaying things before they are actually there (what is this voodoo!?)
• The fact a banking app can budget and tell you how much you have left etc (especially when it’s wrong, or can’t work out salary cycles etc - Personally, it gives me less confidence rather than more).

I could go on, but I believe it’s the little things people just aren’t used to yet.

I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing (although features like “summary” which doesn’t cater for everyone is frustrating and useless unless you fit the criteria).

When HSBC, Barclays and all the other legacy banks update their apps, it’ll be the norm.

For now, Monzo will be seen “ahead of their time”, and a lot of people just don’t like things they aren’t used to.


I can’t believe we are even having this discussion. Shall we hold back progress because some idiots don’t like it?


Really channeling that “Monzo is for everyone” mantra aren’t you @anon23935806 :joy:

I’m with you though - Innovation for the win!


People generally don’t like things they aren’t used to. Look at Facebook everytime it does a UI refresh, or Reddit etc. People complain, get used to it, complain again when it changes again.

But I imagine in Monzos case it’s more of: ‘But why do I need to see/do/have that? I just want to pay people, see my money.’ A lot of peeps don’t know what they’re missing out on.


This is definitely true. I was showing my mate the monzo summary and feed and they were like why do I need this? Even though it seems fairly obvious to me that it just makes things easier to track.

For people of a certain age, I can see them freaking out over an app based bank. My Mum for instance wouldn’t touch Monzo with a barge pole, but she isn’t a fan of smart phones (or smart tech) in general, and she’s mid 50’s

Even I, mid 30’s, good looking man (that is a joke! :joy:) who likes to think I’m technology savvy, had to really consider whether to sign up and trust my money somewhere other than a legacy bank. I signed up in the beta stage, but had the opportunity to sign up in the very very early stages. FSCS protection now means no one has to be concerned.

With the app suffering lag and general slowdown recently as a whole, it had me thinking if the app for some reason became unusable, would it have an impact on me using Monzo or people signing up.

The answer for me is yes.

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Monzo may not actually be for everyone (there are legit reasons why you wouldn’t use Monzo - lack of branches, no cash deposits, etc), but the reasons outlined above are just bullshit. Don’t like the logos? Just ignore it, no big deal.

The people complaining about the logos are the same ones browsing the internet without ad blockers, and yet somehow they don’t stop using the internet because there are irrelevant flashy “logos” everywhere.


Yep, one of Monzos biggest impacts on me is how easy it is to access an overview of my money that’s not obsfucated with a tedious login/pending transactions/available balance/awkward merchant names.

P.s. I don’t get the aversion to merchant logos? :no_mouth:

Definitely! I think if I go back to legacy, I’m just going to be annoyed at how little information is available to me and as you said the confusing merchant names will drive me a bit mad.

When I look at my monzo feed I can remember every single purchase I made as if it was this morning.

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It’s easy to write people with different views off as ‘idiots’ but I don’t think it work as a marketing strategy for a bank. To appeal to the ‘idiots’ you need to understand the reason for the ‘idiocy’. (I actually find that view quite offensive and it doesn’t even apply to me.)



Everyone has a different point of view about what works for them. No one is an “idiot” because they don’t like the UI or logos.

I personally think the balance is just right, but I wouldn’t mind seeing an overhaul of the UI in the near future.


Couple of people I had persuaded to open Monzo account have struggled to find Chat because according to them it’s too deep in settings and also got comments that Chat answers can be late one of them also wanted to have a proper telephone banking option.
So yes some people do find Monzo “too modern” and I think for people like me who are used to of technology so much that it’s 2nd nature sometimes don’t understand fully what people prefer.

Did you ask them more about the chat thing? Monzo deliberately hide it because they want people to use the search to find answers to their queries - in theory for common queries this should be quicker than using the chat. So I’m wondering if they did try the search and found it difficult to move on to chat when that didn’t work, or if they were trying to skip the search and go straight to chat?

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Didn’t enquire that much TBH. Just described the feedback I was given.

I suspect that you can probably swap “modern” for “different”. It is ^very^ different to my legacy bank app, for me this is a good thing, but for the less adventurous I guess that coming across something completely unfamiliar that is meant to do something familiar is disconcerting to say the least.

Nit pickingly some bits of the UX aren’t at all obvious or intuitive, but that’s not something you’d judge on a glance anyway.


This is definitely something people think about.

Many people want to stick with what they know, I’m such a “hipster” 'cos I have to have the latest thing.
But, as has been said above, shall we hold back progress because some idiots don’t like it, or can’t be bothered to learn something new?

That’s what advanced customisation is for. Allow people to switch on/off simple things and then you can really say it’s for everybody… Unfortunately it’s never a priority


I know that a few people are ‘scared’ about a lack of branches :thinking:


Not being able to wander in and talk to somebody face-to-face is off putting

But not heard many complaints about other features :stuck_out_tongue: I think most people I associate with are ‘modern’ enough people to not think twice about Monzo :joy: Butttt I still haven’t convinced many people to use Monzo, let alone CASS to Monzo :sleepy:

So I’ve got no idea what’s stopping them! :sweat_smile: At least it’s not because Monzo is too modern :man_shrugging: