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Spotted this on LinkedIn this morning. Looks like some of the big banks are really trying to up their game to match what Monzo and other challengers are already offering.

If anything, it’s great that others are recognising the need to change and drive competition but I wonder how much they can match the transparency and speed that Monzo and others offer. I ditched HSBC who I’ve been with since I was 15 at the end of last year to go #fullmonzo, after realising just how hard they are to do business with.


I think in some respects they will catch up but in others their old legacy culture will hold them back,

I don’t really see too much difference between Monzo and Barclays at the moment other than some app ui and instant notifications but hopefully Monzo can pull further ahead again


Barclays are reactive, they’re introducing features that are popular elsewhere. I’ve yet to see them introduce something amazing and unique. Unless you count the ability to put tags on your bank statements(which I can see a use for some people) and having to enter your pin after 5 Touch ID log ins.
They’re my other account so it’s good they’re trying but I can’t wait to leave them


Completely agree it’s 100% reactive but I doubt it’ll be long until they are forced to be a bit more proactive. Barclays seem to update their app really frequently at the moment


By the end of next 2019 most of the bigger banks would have caught with most if not all features that Monzo have to offer


Yep… looks nice


I wonder if Monzo could of patented the idea (or whatever it is called to get paid) of logos and maps per transactions etc…

Why Monzo not Starling then ?:slight_smile:

Barclays App is probably one of the best in terms of features and tools available but it still feels very sluggish and UX is not as smooth as most new banks.
I think they will always struggle to match or compete with likes of Monzo in terms of UI/UX.
So if a logo is wrong or missing this what they advise :smiley: I am going to test this and see if they update a logo


A really useful feature showing payment perditions is so hidden in settings that most people will not even know about this.



I’ve only got 4 logos showing and no maps. I’m not phoning about them :joy:


Love how Barclays make it sound like it’s a big move forward when we’ve always had it.

See Lloyds are trumping freezing your debit card now as well. Meanwhile Halifax continue those abominable adverts for Contactless.


They’re so proud of the fact that they finally have contactless :rofl:


You should see Ulster banks adverts on the tele and billboards about how they’re keeping customer’s accounts safe with Touch ID. Revolutionary


Meanwhile, Lloyds are advertising “savings pots” that you can name and have multiple of!

I wonder where they got that idea!

Every time I see these kind of announcements I’m reminded of this scene from The Devil Wears Prada:


Barclays have a number of features on the launchpad app, including an AI.


I noticed the same thing earlier on my Bank Of Scotland app… must be a Lloyds group wide thing… At least they’re playing catch up I guess…

They may have a better app but they still have horrible fees which i doubt they will ever change.

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I also think Barclays has the best app of all legacy banks by far , ive just had live chat showing up in my app.

has anyone got paying in a cheque by picture yet on a personal account? Only business accounts have it that I’ve seen. (Max £500 per cheque which is inadequate in my opinion.)


Yes; I called them and simply asked could I have cheque imaging and text live chat… I had both added into the app and ready to be used before putting the phone down.

Give them a call, the CS are pretty good and I’m sure they’ll be able to add it for you.

I don’t think the £500 imaging limit can or will be raised though.