Android-iOS Parity Wiki

I’ve removed

As this is possible on both platforms.

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Only by clicking the tiny ‘skip’ link in the top right.

You can’t click ‘Next’ like you can on iOS.

Is that a huge problem? The result is still the same.

If you read the topic you linked to it was me that created it. To me it wasn’t obvious and I totally missed it :sweat_smile:

I even consider myself to be tech savvy but seeing the ‘next’ button disabled was an indication that it wasn’t possible.

Ah, I see. I wouldn’t personally consider this a parity issue, though. Lack of parity would really indicate that something isn’t possible at all on one platform.

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I didn’t add it here but understand what you’re saying. The flow isn’t the same so it’s debatable :wink: :man_shrugging:


I had no idea adding 0 was a thing on iOS, I always press the skip button :see_no_evil:


Stop confusing things further :joy: I know now at least so I’m happy :blush:

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For additional context, I am trying to raise some awareness about some of the parity issues internally so we can hopefully get them addressed soon under the scope of a larger project that’s happening.
It doesn’t exactly help the cause if examples are being given about such a minor difference when the end result is still achievable.




Sounds good :+1:

I don’t think it helps people though when you have to determine OS before you can start providing support. Both should be equal in flow term too. One step at a time though, feature parity first :muscle:




Completely agree with this.

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Thank you Simon! You do such an amazing job of keeping the community involved and part of Monzo. I don’t know what they (or we) would do without you. :grin: I really appreciate your efforts in bringing this parity wiki to the attention of those who can sort it. :hammer: :tada:


@simonb is there any update about this?

I’ve recently been given an Android phone for work and instantly dowloaded Monzo just for the merge payee feature… :joy: This seriously needs to come to iOS.

Also, I love the map which shows you what locations you’ve spent the most on your ‘profile’ screen on Android. It’s interesting to see the slight differences between iOS and Android first hand, particularly when it comes to wording for some things.


Someone needs to do a side by side, I’ve literally no idea what is ‘missing’ from iOS! (not saying you, just it would be handy)

I’ve just learned something new! I thought this was just a generic background image, I’d never even thought to click it.


See the bottom point of the hints/tips wiki;

Unfortunately this list continues to grow :cry: Just added an item about line wrapping in receipts, which is possible in Android but not iOS.

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