TestFlight Release Discussion

It was mentioned it will be a labs things :relieved:

Could still be in the build yet

ISAs coming on Monday.


Yeah have seen. Was just hoping to see in release notes :persevere:

You’re right though, could still happen soon I guess :crossed_fingers:

Do you think we’ll get Amex in Labs before the new account tab has launched on iOS though? I was hoping the new account tab would be part of the next update, but looks like it’s not.

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Could some please provide a screenshot of how the balance appears while you’re switching accounts?


From account tab

From nav menu


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Press and hold the account button on bottom bar account appears with balance to the right

Don’t actually have a Joint Account with Monzo - just interested to see how it looks!

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Is the DD redirect to joint account close to being active? Was in test flight nearly 2 months ago.

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Last we heard, it was in staff testing.

This testing might take longer than other features, since Direct Debits are involved, or a bug might have been found in the current implementation.

Latest release:


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We’ve added some Monzo magic to moving move between your account. You can now add notes to these just like other payments to people on Monzo.

I’m guessing this means you can now add a reference while making a transfer between Monzo accounts?

If it’s actually refering to the ability to add ntoes to transfers after they’ve been sent, this really annoys me since we still can’t add notes to ANY transfers after they’ve been sent on iOS:

On a more positive note: I’m really enjoying the more detailed release notes on this release.


I do like detailed release notes :blush:

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How could I join the TestFlight process?

Ask (politely) in the in-app support chat if there’s any free slots, and they’ll add you if so.


Thank you

Yeah, it only lets you add afterwards, which is weird…

So not just like payments to people on Monzo, because you can do that before…but not after?

And obviously still can’t do anything for bank transfers :mask:


I’m officially annoyed then.

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Seeing a lot of improvements around Pots, which is good - seems it now reflects that you’re in overdraft etc, showing negative values! :tada:

I think this also includes the fix for issue with Pots not updating!

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Trying to save data so cant download till i get home :laughing:

Has the new notifications centre gone live in this build?