A new look for the Account tab

A new look for the Account tab

Status: In progress



Last month, during the Advent of Monzo, we announced that we’d be getting around to designing both a detail screen for Pots (where you can see a summary of information about your Pot) and also a redesign of the current Account tab. The information around Pots has grown and grown and we’ve now decided that we need a finite place for people to check this, rather than having to dig around in the feed. With regards to the Account tab, Pots have also grown from the feature that was originally perceived and therefore we need a new Account tab design to be able to cater for that fact.

I’m happy to announce that my team has been working hard on this up until now and we’re glad to show you our first version of the Pot detail screen today!

Just a little note however; since we are currently working on the redesign of the Account tab, the discoverability of the new Pot detail screen is not as obvious as we would like it to be. Right now you can access the Pot detail screen by tapping on a Pot’s image. This is only in the short term as it shouldn’t be too much longer before we also have the new Account tab ready for you to play around with. We thought it’d be best for you to see what we’ve been working on, before it was completely polished off (rather than you having to wait) and I’m sure you’ll all agree. :raised_hands:

We’d love to hear any feedback you have on this new screen and we hope you enjoy finding out all the detailed information about your Pots! Me personally, I was extremely interested to see how much I’d made in interest and round ups! :raised_hands::blush:

Update: we’ve started rolling this out on Android.



Known issues that are fixed in a future release:
• UI feedback: Goal bar colour is wrong
• Future withdrawals are not shown in the withdrawals for Savings Pots
• If a Pot is deleted, you’ll be taken back to the detail screen for that deleted Pot

• UI feedback: navigation bar shouldn’t have a line, inconsistent underline underneath rows, amounts should always show fraction but only show it when it’s not .00, there should be a space between +/- sign and numbers, goal bar colour is wrong
• Scrolling stutters on iPhone 6S
• Round up information is only shown when round up is enabled. If it was enabled in the past and it’s disabled now, the sum of your deposits and withdrawals won’t be the same as your Pot balance
• Future withdrawals are not shown in the withdrawals for Savings Pots
• If a Pot is deleted, you’ll be taken back to the detail screen for that deleted Pot


Is this being added to pots, if no can it be please?

Looks good. The pot list looks like it will make a big difference to those of use with a large number of pots. (A grid of thumbnails option would be even nicer :wink: )


Amazing v1!! :smiley:

Really nice to see stuff like this pushed out :sunglasses: (though, I guess I’d already had a play with it :innocent:)

I love the added detail you get in the savings pot :hot_coral_heart: seeing how much interest has been earned is good… Seeing how much interest has been accrued in in real time though?! That’s perfect :boom: massive USP there for a savings account!

Really looking forward to the new accounts screen (I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the next couple of betas :eyes:) and in the meantime, I’ll have to think about what non-savings pots could have added to their details :thinking::smiley:

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Android, Minor bug:
Ripple effect exceeds the button circle on add and withdraw (shows in the transparent container around the button)

The pot details screen is gorgeous and looking forward to seeing this evolve. Keep up the great work.

Here’s a screenshot that I had posted on Slack last week demonstrating the bug above:


Yaaaas team! So excited for this, looking forward to seeing the new account screen too :raised_hands:


This looks awesome! I’m interested in the credit part - could you explain/show how it works in a little more detail?

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Is this just for the investment pot? Or is for regular pots as well?

All pots :slight_smile:

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I am missing something then. So by tapping on the pot (in iOS) I should get additional info. This isn’t happening for me.
Just for test flight?


Looks good on iOS! Love being able to see how much interest I’ve earned already in the current month!



Should be in the next update :slight_smile:

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Thank you

Same here nothing happening on IOS - awaiting next update. R-

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Is that custom images i see :new_moon_with_face::grimacing:

I love on savings pots being able to see how much interest I’ve earned so far this month :heart_eyes:

Also, seeing the total amount of interest I’ve earned since it’s creation is a real incentive to leave my money untouched too :+1:


Can’t wait for these updates :heart_eyes:


For savings pots, a breakdown of the interest earned per tax year would be really helpful for filling in my tax return in, erm, possibly May sometime?


In the totals section, it’d be nice if when you tapped on deposits/withdrawals that it takes you to a list of all those deposits/withdrawals. That’d be a lovely addition!