Redesigned Payment Screen (Early Preview) 👀

So I might have had a little poke around :innocent: And with the latest strings in the app I thought I’d take a look at something which had previously been left as “Watch this Space” … The space in question was the new Payments screen! :tada:

There’s not much to show but I thought the super early look would be appreciated by some :wink: Plus, it’s what I do best :joy:

Enough rambling, here’s some screenshots :sunglasses:

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I had to do this in aeroplane mode so I am unable to see what the contacts side of things looks like and I also couldn’t click on all of the buttons without it crashing the app :yum:

So sadly that’s all I can share :stuck_out_tongue:
(The Joint Account is weird because I don’t have a Joint Account.)

I’m looking forward to more updates as new betas land :sunglasses: This is exciting! A significant portion of the app is being redesigned - first the Accounts page and now the Payments page :partying_face: Keep up the fantastic work Monzo :smiley:


When you compare this to the current layout:


It’s clear to see that a fair amount of things have been compacted :sunglasses:

Bank Transfers, Send money by text or email & JA Transfers have all been whisked away under “Pay” (with a nice shiny icon :blush:)

And Request will be the new home for links.

Scheduled Payments have been moved into their own tab! And Shared Tabs are currently unaffected :sunglasses:

A Bank Transfer can be initiated from the Scheduled screen :eyes: (Along with Standing Orders)

The Scheduled screen remains completely unchanged but I figured I’d throw it into this post because it does have a new home :stuck_out_tongue:



I think it’s great this section is getting some love, as it’s definitely overloaded at the moment. The one thing I’m sad about, though, is that right now it’s really quick to set up a new bank transfer or pay a previous recipient, as you can get to both straight from the payments tab. I realise there are always compromises, but with all that unused space on the main Payments screen, I wish they would have a ‘quick access’ section under “Pay | Request | Invite” that would at least list your recent payees, so that we could quickly pay someone again.


Looks to be a massive improvement!


Looks like “Nearby Friends” is now missing?

Wonder was this due to a lack of uptake.

Personally never saw the use in it myself

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I believe this is just due to me being in aeroplane mode and poking at the app a bit too much :innocent:

I had no friend-type stuff at all :stuck_out_tongue: Plus the new layout is unfinished so it may just be missing a home :yum:

Downside of a sneak peak like this is that things can be misleading :wink:

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Brilliant. Really good to see this getting some love.


Scheduled tab

  • It’s great that scheduled payments now have their own “Scheduled” tab.

  • I think the Scheduled tab would be better if it was more granular. Currently there appear to only be separate sections for “Scheduled payments & standing orders” and “Subscriptions & Direct Debits”. I think scheduled payments would be easier to manage is there were separate sections for “Scheduled payments & standing orders” (contains standing orders Monzo-to-Monzo scheduled payments (when they come) and personal-joint account payments), “Subscriptions”, “Direct Debits”, “Scheduled Pot Transfers”.
    NB: it makes sense to split “Subscriptions & Direct Debits” into different categories because you can do different things to them (Eg: you can delete a Direct Debit from within the app).

Payments tab

  • Really like the new “Pay” and “Request” logos.

  • Having “Move Money” under “Pay” doesn’t make much sense to me because it feels more similar to a pot transfer than a payment.

  • I’m not sure there needs to be an additional screen, and therefore an additional click, to pay someone since there’s loads of room in the Payments tab anyway - 5 options at the top is fine space wise.

  • Hopefully the flow for clicking “Pay” will look like this:
    Pay ==> screen with a scrollable alphabetical list of all your payees (including Monzo contact payees) + search box at the top + options for “Nearby Friends” & “Pay new payee” above the list, but below the search box (like for Bill Splitting (see screenshot below) but without the ability to select multiple payees. Clicking any payee would take you to the next screen ==> current bank transfer/Monzo-to-Monzo payment screens.

NB: Pay Anyone could be included with the “Nearby Friends” & “Pay new payee” options. If this is the case, renaming “Pay new payee” to “Pay new payee with bank details” and then have PAy Anyone as “Pay new payee without bank details” would make sense.

I just want a place to store bank contacts. I currently transfer cash to my Starling account, and then to a bank transfer from there, because it’s easier. I never have the details to hand when I want to transfer cash, so just having them there is good.

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Can we please get a way to save and manage payees without having to send them money first? It’s the only thing I really need!


Hey, I’d love to know what your use case is! Better payee management is often requested and something we’re actively looking at, but I’m wondering why the contacts integration is not enough in your case.


:arrow_right: Add Payees Easily


Hey, while a few people I know have Monzo accounts, a few members of my family don’t so I can’t use the contacts section to pay them. And paying 1p just to have their details saved seems silly.

I also have a couple other accounts and as it’s all me the contacts solution doesn’t work again.

The current solution doesn’t allow me to add photos to my recent payees which I think is important as photos are easier to instantly recognise than text

Finally, I have a bunch of contacts who have Monzo but I don’t want them to know who I bank with and such I must disable contacts access, making it impossible to pay the few people I could through this method.

So what I’d like is:

  1. Easy way to add payees without needing to transfer money to them
  2. Saved payees that don’t disappear like the recents do
  3. Ability to add photos to payees
  4. More granular control for contacts access

If we get these features it’ll be the perfect banking app for me :pray:


It’s a little creepy to me that I can see my ex as a Monzo contact, with a profile photo.

I had forgotten that they were in my phone, it was from a good few years ago.

Why it is creepy is that they definitely do NOT know I can see that information. I have had several different numbers since then, so I will not show up to them, but as they haven’t changed theirs I can still see them.

Not really sure what the solution here is, but I imagine if they found out they would not be that thrilled, even if the only thing I can really do is send them money and see a picture.


If you delete them as a contact do they stay in your Monzo list?

There’s been some discussion about this sort of thing here:

I agree we could do better at explaining what is visible and to whom it’s visible. There’s one global setting for this called Payments with Friends, if it’s on then your preferred name and profile photo will be visible to anyone with your phone number (inside the Monzo app) and they can send you money without having your account details. The setting also enables your – Send money instantly through a link page, which also has your preferred name and profile photo.

No. We don’t store your contact list in our servers, so until you send money to someone we don’t know you have someone’s contact.


Hey everyone :wave: I thought I’d share some of the designs we’re using to restructure this screen. You already picked up most of the changes we’re doing here!

Overall the main idea is that you shouldn’t need to know if the person you’re sending money to has a Monzo account, or if you have their phone number. Whether it’s a bank transfer, Monzo-to-Monzo, pay anyone link, or someone nearby, you should just need to think if you’re sending vs receiving, then pick the person from a unified list that includes your previous payees and your phone contacts. The method of payment is easy to figure out once we know who you’re sending money to.

We also adding the option to request money from a Monzo user, so you don’t have to send them a Monzo.Me link if they’re also using Monzo. Works pretty much like bill splitting requests, but without a transaction associated with it.

We love Nearby Friends! :heart_eyes: It’s still there, on the main screen of Payments, next to the search bar. It’s less obvious what it is/does, so moving forward we need to think of a good way to introduce users to the feature.

Spot on @awjdean!


Feels like this has been a long time coming.

Still really hoping that Scheduled Payments can be labelled/ tagged so that we can easily see what they’re for.

The first iteration of payees was decent but need more work to finish off properly.

I know Monzo has / are working on various wizz bang features but I predominantly use it as my hub account as it’s the nicest app to use for basic banking functionality. The promise of a great payments workflow is the one thing that’s keeping me from switching to Starling.


Aha yeah! That’s something I’ve spotted recently, seems that is already in the app :sunglasses:

I tested it out and, indeed, it looks exactly like a bill split request but without the need for a bill :grin: it’s great and saves a step of generating the (custom) monzo me amount link and then sharing it - as long as the person also has monzo that is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for sharing those designs :heart_eyes: they look superb :ok_hand: definitely looks a lot nicer than what I was able to share :joy: