Adding cash expenses

One of the reasons I got a monzo card was because I wanted a better way to track my spending habits rather than use a budgeting app. It might have already been suggested, but could there be a feature to add misc cash expenses and categories? I’ll withdraw cash and spend on adhoc items but it’d be good to be able to track everything in one place. It’ll make it a better money education app if that’s one of Monzo’s social purposes.


I was actually wondering recently if the was a budgeting app which allows you to add expenses via an API. That way you could write a little script which takes Monzo transactions and adds them to the budgeting app.

A quick Google didn’t reveal any, but I haven’t searched very thoroughly.

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Hi Caroline, welcome to the community :wave:

Are you an Android user by any chance? If not, there is a Targets feature which you can use to set a budget for each category, each month for you to use to track your spending more carefully & yes, it has helped me keep track of my spending in a way that I’ve never been able to before :grin: -

If you are an Android user, this feature’s on it’s way - you can track what’s being developed & get a rough idea of when it’ll be ready, in the roadmap.

I’ve shared my thoughts on why you wouldn’t want to assign your expenses to the existing categories here but subcategories are a popular request in the community & perhaps they would solve your problem - if you’re trying to break down the Expenses category to a greater level of detail? Here’s my thoughts on how they might work -

We don’t know whether Monzo is considering developing subcategories yet though…

Breaking cash withdrawals down into multiple categories is a slightly tricky one & I’ve put together a summary of the discussion on that idea here -

Lastly, enabling custom categories definitely isn’t likely to happen in the foreseeable future, for the reasons that Hugo’s explained here -

but the categories are being reviewed (& I expect new categories will be added), any minute now.

I’m not aware of any budgeting apps that you can feed the transactions into directly, from Monzo (I haven’t searched either though).

But if you can handle a two step process, you could feed Expenses transactions into a tool like FieldBook or Google sheets, download that data as a CSV file & then upload it into a budgeting app…@chdhurry has written some script to handle the first part of that process & shared the code here -

@Andy1 has also done some work on this -

but as far as I know, he’s not had a chance to share the code yet…

I really must share my code.

Google apps script doesn’t really integrate with github, but I can probably copy / paste it across.

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I didn’t want to sound too demanding but that would be great! I have a feeling there will be more Google Sheets users than FieldBook users & there’s definitely a lot of interest in this type of automation in the community :eyes:

Used Google Sheets a few times but then went back to Excel. What is FieldBook?

I don’t know much about FieldBook either, I skimmed through the website earlier but that’s it. I included a link to the site in my earlier post.

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I missed this tweet in the Monzo Love Tweets feed a while ago :see_no_evil:

@nmyster has created a really awesome integration between Monzo & his expense management tool (with the expenses details ending in in Salesforce :cloud:), as far as I can tell, the code’s not been published :cry: but this is a great example of what can be done using Monzo’s API!


Thanks @alexs for sharing the love! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

I have actually just posted a blog post about the project here:

Check it out and let me know what you think, remember this is version 0.01 :stuck_out_tongue:

I am currently waiting for the judging of the hackathon to complete and then plan to keep developing the project to refine it and make it more smooth. I’ll try and share what I can once I have tidied it up a bit.



I have quite a lot of both ingoings and outgoings for Business expenses. It would be great if you could flag these, and then directly interface with third party expense management applications, for example Concur.

That way one could record transactions as expenses as they spend, take a photo of the receipt (great feature) and then export these straight in to Concur. These outgoings could then have a flag e.g. ‘Awaiting expense payment’ that can be cleared when the expenses are paid by the company.

It would also be good if you could apply two category flags to a spend, e.g. transport & expenses.

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Sounds like your after

Not really - I am not talking about my own company here. Many businesses have now switched to personal liability business expenses - this means you pay using your own account (monzo in my case) and claim it back.

Example - fuel, evening meals, etc.

Ok i follow you now, this sounds like something for the API once it’s available.

The category idea is good though but would need to be treated as one spend on the you spent today figure.

It sounds like you’re looking for something similar to this -

as you can see, it’s technically possible via the API but unfortunately, it’ll probably be a while before the API is stable enough for larger companies to build integrations for you.

I’ve moved your post here to keep all of the discussion about this functionality in one place.