Cash Transactions

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Just a thought for the (distant) future, but to help Monzo become the one app we need (I have Monzo and two other money apps on the go hehe).

I’d recently been using 1Money (budget app), and I love how if you tell it you’ve withdrawn cash, it moves it into another account called “Cash” to enter transactions - the app is not linked to any banks, and entirely manual - but I thought I’d quite like that feature to keep better track.

If a cash withdrawal is made, could an temporary account (or pot or something) be shown as Cash, with the ability to manually enter transactions to show all spending for the month, not just the Monzo account specifically.

Likewise, although I don’t use Starling myself, I’d seen this bit on their site. I hope that when the Marketplace is live, any accounts opened via that (such as savings) might also be visible through Monzo app, so everything is in one tidy place :slight_smile:


Cash is a spending category in Monzo, so why can’t you just add notes :memo: or hashtags # to log cash transaction you make under any cash withdrawals?

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #3

That is what I currently do, so no problem there, but there are times I would like to see this go out under multiple categories then (to categorise my spending and thus why I’m using other apps).

Withdrawing £20 will buy me bus fare, and lunch, and a hair cut. Currently under ‘Cash’ with notes. Moving it to a side account would allow me to enter three transactions with correct values for each in correct categories. Only reason I suggest it :slight_smile:


Interesting… can you send a screenshot of what the app you use looks like for Cash? I’m curious and it’ll give me (& others) a better visualisation of what you’re suggesting.

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #5

Four images attached (quick ones I’ve grabbed online as struggle with forums on my phone at times haha). The app is entirely manual - no option to link bank accounts.

  • Categories - list of the monthly spend and categories (like our Spending Tab)
  • Adding a transaction (pick which account from and what its for, in the image, paying for transport. But if you withdraw cash, it moves Card to Cash account, and this is part of what I suggest, and then payments made from Cash to ‘Category’.)
  • Transactions is like our Home tab
  • Accounts - this is where, if as a transaction cash is withdrawn, it is added to the Cash Account automatically.

What I suggest would be something like this ‘Cash Account’, when a cash withdrawal is made, it funds the Cash account, and then be able to manually enter the spending made by cash to ‘deduct’ from the cash funds - keeping track of all purchases in one place.

And please don’t get me wrong, I know this could be taken silly adding other cards and accounts etc. (I’d hope for this from the Marketplace but not external). But I think the Cash could be handy, as withdrawn, shown and accounted.

[EDIT] Failing that, I’ll beg them to ingrate banks into this haha, have Monzo run automatically and have the cash transactions on the side to keep an eye on my own debts and cash spending :slight_smile:
But yeah, I’m using this app to manually input my Monzo and cash spending, track my debts, set savings goals, etc. I just like how it is an all in one app (one of the only ones I’ve found that works for me with everything lol - others seem to be focused on savings, or debts, or budgets).

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(Jennifer) #6

I’d like to be able to split the cash transaction into the various categories that the cash was actually used for - but that would also mean realisation of my dream of having Monzo let us create our own categories. :slight_smile: I think I am simply really spoiled using YNAB. :frowning:

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Cheers for the detail!

I’m 99% cashless, so I don’t personally have a demand for such a feature but I’m sure others may well do.


I’d really like this. I also want to be able to record my cash payments and have Monzo categorise it for me in real time. The idea of having a cash pot was one I had too. I hope they do it soon!

(Thomas Richards) #9

Currently I’m using the notes to tot up a list of what I’ve used cash for, but it would be nice to have like a “dynamic pot” that, whenever I draw cash, the balance would move to that pot. It would also be really useful as I can see how much money I have distributed across different “mediums” in a single pane.


I agree with the other contributors. I would like to track cash payments on Monzo so that I have a complete picture of where my money is disappearing to!

(Tim) #11

Old thread I know but I too would like this