Budget categories

Budget Category Ideas
I find existing budget categories a little limited. I would like Gifts / Income / Investments / Children / Partner / Luxuries added. What would you like added?


I find them limited to but It doesn’t sound like they’ll be changed anytime soon. I just #hashtag my own and then use the search feature. The search featyre is still a bit limited on android though.

It seems like it’s been confirmed a few times before that it’s unlikely to change.

I only really use 3 categories for the type of budgeting I do anyway. Groceries = weekly shop and the odd occasion I buy lunch at work, Transport = filling the car with Diesel and General = money I have that I can spend on what I like. I exclude everything else from the summary.

But what if you could choose your own budget categories? surely that would not be too hard?

I think this is the right thread to post this!
So I’ve just withdrew cash and saw it defaulted to Finances. It’s not what I would’ve put it but I’d prefer a withdrawals budget if possible? I have a monthly standing order going to my Transferwise account for savings/holiday fund. I’d preferably like this to go under something like savings but since that doesn’t exist I’ve put it under finances. I’m sure the guys at Monzo will address this in the future. I just think it would be great if we could create our own budget names and icons etc. Who else has a few great ideas as I don’t think mine are particularly great😂

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