Credit Card Category

It would be great to have a category for credit card payments - as they’re normally a cluster of different spending, so can’t fit in any one category. I put it currently in general but it means ‘General’ is enormous so doesn’t really help me.

Unfortunately as much as everyone wants and asks I don’t think Monzo will be bringing in any more categories, they decide for us all that #tags would be better.

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I just put it in Bills because it’s a bill :grin:


I always thought ‘expenses’ would be the closest but I gather putting things as expenses affects the way it shows on your dashboard?

Yes I’d probably stick to using Expenses for purchases that you make for work, as Monzo seems to be assuming that, that’s what most people will use it for (rightly in my opinion).

I would have thought either Bills or Finances would cover this?

I used to put it in Bills but now use Finances for this.

I use the Finance one. Although I would love a Savings/Investment category.

Finances seems like it should have its own subcategories though as a bunch of things can fall into it.

I’m ok with no custom categories but I wish Monzo would announce or show some development into more granularity of categories and meta data. This is the stuff that should allow for some deeper insights and automagical goodness in the future.

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I think bundling ATM withdrawals and credit card repayments in the same category makes sense.

But it makes no sense to me to have to include saving/investments in the same category as ATM withdrawals and credit card payments.

I agree. Without subcategories it’s hard to see how cash & credit card payments categories can work. Hugo’s explained the challenges with that functionality here.

But I expect Monzo would rather you spent directly on your debit card..personally I try to avoid doing anything but that for this reason (there’s lots of benefits if you do), although it’s not always possible.

FYI this is what they intended the Finance category to be used for, although you’re free to adopt your own definitions of course.


Fascinating how different folk use categories.

I’ve realised that my use actually depends on context. I have a 0% card that I’m paying off, so I categorise that as bills. But any monthly spending on a different credit card that I pay off in total every month I put in general, as I do cash. I use finances for savings and investments exclusively.

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