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Hi There,

First time posting on the blog so not sure if this has been suggested already?

I personally use my Monzo card for all daily/weekly expenses, I set an amount I want to spend each week, transfer it to the card and leave my debit/credit card at home. Found this to be a really effective way of managing my money ensuring I am able to save each month. The one thing that originally drew me to Mondo was the spending breakdown, I loved the idea of being able to keen track of exactly where my money is being spent.

The 1 fault with this is that the categories are very broad and I find all of my spending falling into either Groceries, Eating Out or General which doesn’t give this understanding.

My idea is to add an option to label your spending yourself, so if I spend £11 in Tesco I can allocate £8 to Cigarettes and £3 to Lunch if this makes sense?

Ideally this would be automated and with the rise of AI i think that would be possible in the future but for now the ability to split out and label my spending would also allow me to use the spending targets feature much more effectively. I also think that this would help appeal to older generations who want to better control their spending.

Just an idea, would love to hear thoughts and keep doing great work!!!

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Hi Harry, welcome to the community! This idea has been mentioned before & I’m afraid it looks like Monzo won’t be adding this feature any time soon -

having said that, Monzo are going to review the categories soon so if you have particular categories that you’d like to suggest, please do list them :bulb:

My guess is sub-categories might solve your problem but apparently the team at Monzo is still considering several options.

In the meantime, since it’s probably unlikely that a category as specific as ‘cigarettes’ will be added, I’d recommend adding emoji - like :smoking: - to these purchases instead, in case you’re interested, split categories have been suggested here. That would enable you to search for that emoji & see the total & average spent, combined with whichever other filters you apply. The caveat of course is that the totals will only work if you’ve only purchased the specific item that you want to track. This can still be useful though, I add a :pizza: to my takeaways so that I can keep an eye on how many I buy each month…

Oh & Hugo (Monzo’s Head of Design) likes this idea too :tada:

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