Add Expenses + Another Category to the Same Transaction

Hey nagra,

Thank you for not making this another post about custom categories! :sweat: :wink:

One of the ideas that have been suggested when looking for a solution to the custom categories problem, is creating sub-categories for transactions. However, I expect these would be more granular categories, while the main (parent) categories remain the same (& only one could be applied to each transaction, here’s Hugo’s explanation for why multiple categories can’t be applied to a single transaction :arrow_down: ).

I think the reason why there’s a dedicated Expenses category, is that you wouldn’t want spending on Eating Out, that will be reimbursed by your employer, to count against your Target for that category. Could you talk us through how this would be beneficial for you?

If you’re looking for a breakdown of your monthly spending on Expenses, I guess this would need a dedicated view & set of categories (so that it doesn’t impact your Targets or Monzo’s aggregation - see the post I quoted for more details) but that would potentially confuse some users…