Add Payees Easily

(Tom Halloran) #41

Looks great! Such a clear and useful improvement

Couple of small ideas:

  • When you receive an incoming payment from another UK bank, it would be good to be able to easily create a new payee out of that transaction. Like how you add someone to your phone contacts by going on recent calls instead of typing the whole number again
  • Silly tech idea: To add a bank account you can open the camera and it will scan your friend’s debit card to read the sort and account code automatically. Totally overkill of course but it would certainly impress your non-monzo friends!

Main thing for me was bank logos which is being worked on already :+1:

(Jolin) #42

This is already possible. If you go into the details of any received payment, the third item is ‘Send money to [name]’.

These also already work in the current app. The mockups didn’t use a valid sort code, which is why I think they show a generic icon.

(Kieran McHugh) #43

We will automatically create payees when you receive money from someone (this happens right now, they are put under ‘recent payees’.

(Chris Rimell) #44

Bank logos are live in iOS but not Android. I would like them to be :slight_smile:

(Nathan) #45

From what i remember the reason being behind this was it was made by someone during Monzo Time pretty quickly on ios.

Nice touch, glad to see it being further inplemented elsewhere!


Yes, please. We need this.

(Tom Halloran) #47

Ah ok that’s great. Thought it might only do that for outbound payments

Gotcha yeah - I think they show at the moment when you ‘Send via bank transfer’.

Having the logos next to payees when this feature is released will be super-useful because it’s so much easier to ask someone if you’re sending to the right account - ‘is it your HSBC’? instead of ‘is it account number 12345678’

(Stuart Ward) #48

The thing that is missing is the Reference. Need to be able to store the reference as well.

(👨‍💻) #49

I’m assuming that you’ve got access to this on the test flight app? Just wondered if the test flight app is several updates ahead of the current iOS update.

I say this because the app updated today on iOS - for bugs etc - but I was hopeful it would contain the new add payee feature.

You just keep me hanging on…

(Jack) #50

The latest TF version is only ever a few days to a week ahead of the app store release. Worst case anyone on TF is 1 version ahead.

Simply to catch any major bugs that weren’t discovered previously.

I’m on the TF and I haven’t noticed any changes to Payee management yet…


Yep no changes for me on payees on tesflight ios.

(👨‍💻) #52

Oh… I assume the way the thread has been discussing this subject, that you had access to it.

My bad…

(rach) #53

The symbol is the logo of the bank to which the sort code relates :slight_smile:

(Anthony) #54


What I’d love is a ‘nickname’ field that just stays in Monzo, so that I can tell my own accounts apart better. The sort code, account number, and reference for credit card payments are all fixed, so the only way I can tell this apart is changing the name!

(#savetheseabass) #55

You’d be better hiding all those bank details and reference on that screenshot

(Adam Kendrew) #56

Any further updates on this? :eyes:

(👨‍💻) #57

There was no mention of this in the December update this month. So anytime in 2019 :persevere:

(Adam Kendrew) #58

They did mention the ‘pay anyone easily’ was coming to Labs this month, so maybe that’s an extension of the improved payee management? Wishful thinking! :wink:

(Nathan) #59

Yeah was sad to see itll not come this month :-1:
Be a big improvement when it does come though, pain at the minute transferring to my LISA, credit and Marcus accounts

(Jami Welch) #60

Hey all,

Today we’re releasing a first small step towards our vision of making managing your payees as simple as your phone’s contact list.

In the latest version of the iOS and Android apps, you can now add additional bank accounts to your existing payees, and give each one a nickname to tell them apart.

To add an account to an existing payee:

  • Tap on their name in the payee list to view the new payee profile page.
  • Tap ‘add account’ and enter their details.
  • You’ll then see the account listed with its bank logo if we can find a match.

We think this’ll be useful for friends and family that have multiple accounts (some on Monzo, some elsewhere) - as well as telling apart your own accounts outside of Monzo.

This is a first initial version, and there are some gaps:

  • It’s not possible to add a new payee without paying them yet (we wanted to make this change first, to prevent a flood of new payees that then need merging later)
  • It’s not possible to add an account to an existing payee directly from the bank transfer flow.
  • It’s not possible to merge existing payees, or move an account from one payee to another.
  • It’s not possible to rename or edit payees

We’re currently working on an update to the payees service that will allow you to add the same account to multiple payees, perfect for accounts you share with someone else. For now you’ll see an error message when trying to add a duplicate account to a different payee.

Give it a go and let us know what you think!

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