Add payee without having to make a payment to them

After switching some of my stuff across from my standard bank account to Monzo I noticed I couldn’t add my frequent payees without also making a payment to them. It would be really useful to be able to just add their account information ready for when you later want to make a payment to them


I had the same experience, had to transfer 1p to do so… I also think the same should apply to pots, as we can set one up and instantly remove the money anyway.

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@Bradley You can set a pot up without immediately adding money, there’s a skip option (top right if I’m remembering right) :slight_smile:

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I’ve just been playing with the app on my iPad as I have an android phone, but you are right… thanks for pointing that out :grin:

No worries :blush: and same here, looking forward to it hitting Android next week :slight_smile:

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Would be a brilliant idea.

Had to add a mate to split a tab in a bar last night.
Kind of annoying to have to send a penny to do so, would be nice if I could just add a payee


it is kind of taking the piss


Yes couldn’t see a feature to add a payee which is strange and annoying.

Agree 100%. This has been an issue for me too. Having the ability to delete payees also is a must.

I’m in the process to moving over from my other Current Account with ‘Bank X’ to Monzo, making Monzo my only Current Account.

Really frustrating to see that as part of the “switching over” process, transfer of Payee Details isn’t factored in. Likewise, the Android app UI doesn’t really make it very easy to fathom out how to set up a new Payee.

Do you have to go tap the ‘Bank Transfer’ call-to-action to do this, or is it the ‘Add Contact’ one? Really unclear.

Aside from the above, once I know how to setup a new Payee, I’ll be really frustrated if I can’t do so without having to make a physical payment to them, there and then. I want to copy my Payees across while I can still see their details in my old Current Account with ‘Bank X’ before that account permanently closes down on conpletion of the “switching over” process.


I raised this point recently and was told there’s quite a bit of work currently happening to refine the whole payee experience. Here’s hoping.


In the meantime, if you use a password manager like 1Password, you could add their bank details to that (or some other form of secure note) so you have them when you need to make a payment, or to add them in once Monzo allows setting up payees without making a payment.

Bank details aren’t sensitive so you could just keep them in a plain-text note or screenshot.


I abuse mine all the time! :smiley:


I wish they’d get on with it, then.