Add payees more intelligently

Given Monzo is a mobile app only (limited functionality on the new web UI) I find it tricky to add a payee. Here’s why:

Typically someone will text me their details. I can copy that entire text message but iOS won’t let me copy just the account number or sort code so I can’t paste them into the Monzo app. Neither can I remember the name, account & sort code numbers in one go in order to type it all into the Monzo app manually.

If I could add a payee, paste the entire text message in there (or even upload a picture of it to be OCR’d) then the Monzo app could fill in all the fields for me?


This would be a pretty cool feature!

What I do on iOS at present is if someone texts me their details is I copy the full message and paste it in to the text area and then just copy the numbers as needed.


That’s a cool idea. I’m guessing it will be some way down the road, yet.

In the mean time I usually paste the text into a notes app, and copy/paste the details from there.

Having to use another app just to get over usability issues in the Monzo app makes me sad :frowning:

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