Redesigned Payment Screen (Early Preview) 👀

What does the add a contact button at the top do? Does it still open your contacts app, or have Monzo (finally) got around to sorting contacts, too? :eyes:


All the the add contact buttons in the new payments screen take you to your built in contacts app :slightly_smiling_face:



I’ve never understood the point of that. Kinda bummed it’s still like that.


I don’t understand the contacts problem? :stuck_out_tongue:

WhatsApp uses my built in contacts app, why shouldn’t / wouldn’t monzo use it? :grin:

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I guess it’s just the assumption that adding a contact/payee in a banking app means you’ll need to add they’re banking details and not hope that by just adding their number they’ll possibly be a Monzo user too.

I guess if you could add sort codes and account numbers and phone numbers to contacts it would be perfect.

I think it depends what they do with it - it’s just that in its current form it’s largely pointless.

I did hope they might try to extend the contact standards so you could include sort code and account number in your mobile / Google / Apple address books so they could be reused across bank accounts or devices, but it looks like that won’t be happening:

Instead, the half-finished(?) contacts rework seemed to suggest you could have a contact within Monzo that you could hook different accounts off of (you can kinda do that at the moment, but it’s still a pain):

It just feels messy and unfinished, imo. I’m just not sure why a button to open your contacts is useful - if you can’t put your bank details in there?


Yeah, this would be the ideal situation, if possible.


I see what you are saying. I understand it as the “add contact” button lets you put someone’s number in your phone which in turn will make them appear as a Monzo contact if their number matches an account with Payments with Friends enabled.

Does seem pointless though! :thinking:

Hey all, thank you for all the comments and feedback so far! :hot_coral_heart:

We’ve rolled out the redesign to 20% of customers, if you already have it, what are your first impressions? You need to be on version 2.39 (iOS/Android). And you probably need to kill the app after updating it.


I am lucky to be in that 20 % then. Lol :joy:

I am beyond happy that I can now send my partner (who is also on Monzo) a custom payment request that is dealt with IN APP! :smiley: No more having to send him Whatsapp links!

One thing that would make it perfect would be including payment requests in the area where outstanding bill splits are listed.

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That’s great feedback, thank you @BristolMatt! Sending a payment request to non-monzo customers is still available, if you open the payee screen of a non-monzo user. Though it seems you won’t be needing it that soon! :wink:


We appear to have lost the ability to delete previous payees.

IMHO, the same information is repeated in just too many places. I’ve got the same payees in frequent, recent, Friends on Monzo, and finally, ‘All’.

If I then tap on Pay or Request, I’m taken to exactly the same information in a separate list! It’s too much.

What I want is a single list of payees, where I can add, delete new bank accounts, and pay those already on Monzo.


Thanks for sharing this @217698, it’s super useful for us!

You should still be able to delete a payee by tapping the Edit button, then Delete Payee, from the Payee screen. Let me know if this is not working for you.

I appreciate this might not be the most intuitive solution. If you tap Pay and Request from the main Payments page, then you see a list of your contacts again. The key difference is that when you then tap one of your contacts we take you straight to the amount screen, bypassing the Payee screen because you’re already in the Pay or Request flows.

I agree we should have less sections of contacts. On Android there’s only Frequent, Recent, and then All. On iOS there’s an extra section with “Monzo contacts” which is redundant since the All section contains all of them too.


Thanks for getting back to me; it’s great to know you’re listening.

Hey Bruno, I have it! :raised_hands:

A few thoughts:

  • I mentioned this above, but I’m not sure why the add contact option is still there for it to only Android contacts app (unless you’re looking to add bank details to address book contacts - I’m here for that)
  • it still feels a bit unfinished - I don’t understand why it’s taken so long to be able to merge or manage contacts.
  • I agree with @217698 in that information is repeated. There’s no real difference in content for me between frequent and recents. And they look messy because I can’t merge them or add contact photos.
  • on the scheduled tab, I’m not sure about the utility of combining upcoming payments and standing orders, and direct debits and subscriptions. I’d much prefer them split out - especially the latter two as they’re very different (to me at least)
  • similarly, I’d find a last paid amount useful for direct debits which I’ve excluded from Summary.
  • And I know why it’s been done like this, but I find the split between upcoming payment date and last paid date inelegant and slightly confusing.

That said, it’s a big step up, just frustrating that we still seem to be inching very slowly towards excellence with large delays between what seem (on the face of it) to be minor iterations. I’m sure this isn’t the case, so sorry if this sounds grumpy, but it feels like this has been promised for a long time and still doesn’t quite hit the sweet spot. I’d be delighted to be in the minority, though!


At least you have it!

Feels likes I’ve been waiting an age for this. Starling have had a great implementation for months now and I’ve literally been waiting for this to see if it’s good enough to keep me on Monzo.

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I seem to have the new screen. I was hoping I’d be able to add photos to payees, but it still doesn’t seem to be the case…

Edit: I also can’t add payees without paying them first. It’s a total failure for me

Can’t wait to try this, sadly I’m not in the lucky 20% Feels like payee management has been soooo long coming but maybe that’s just me being an eager beaver :stopwatch::grinning:

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I do have the new screen but if im being honest i dont like the new screen.

It doesnt take away the issue that was there with the previous screen, still too much clutter and i echo what the others have said and think theres too much repetition of data :grimacing:

Will the ability to merge contacts come in? I have alot of manual changes that i was holding off to do until this screen come in and seems now ill have to do it anyway.

Also +1 for adding contact photos please :relieved:

edit: also for monzo contacts that i have regular transfers to id like to see there profile photo used in this section also? Is this planned?