Add Payees Easily


This is exactly what many of us, who also have a Starling account, have been wanting for our main account with Monzo! :+1:

(Paul) #22

Looks great. What I’ve been waiting for. Can’t wait for release



(Harry) #24

Finally :raised_hands:


This is what I’ve been waiting for

(Simon B) #26

Better payee management was one of the biggest pieces of feedback we got both from doing The Big List (earlier this year) and following it - since we shipped some improvements during that time frame, but there was a lot more that we wanted to do!

So this is the next step in improving it! :raised_hands:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #27

Long-awaited and worth that wait…and elegant. Thanks, Team.

(Jack) #28

Marcus bank doesn’t have their logo added when making a transfer, I noticed this morning.

(Jack) #29

Looks great! Only this morning was I totally confused which account from my recents was I moving money to! This will make it a million times easier. Great work!

(Nathan) #30

Could you please also make the Bank Logo as the default icon for Payees when the Payee isnt on Monzo and hasn’t set their own Monzo Profile Pic please?

Personal peeve of mine seeing the silly initials logo, serves its purpose but untidy all the same :slight_smile:

(Jolin) #31

Neither does CAF Bank. I assume Monzo only have logos for the big banks. Doesn’t seem to be a way to submit logos for sort codes that are missing logos. :disappointed:

(Andre Borie) #32

They should definitely add a way to suggest logos for sort codes (and international payments via IBAN).


I love the idea of bank logos being used more throughout the App. Kinda helps demystify sort codes, provides verification and identifies things better.

I dunno if I would want pictureless payees to default to their bank logo, but agree that I too dislike the initials. Even an avatar would be better

(Brian Hunter) #34

Pleased to see movement regarding payees. :+1:

(👨‍💻) #35

Has the new payee system had any impact on the presentation of payees on the transaction feed?

(Nathan) #36

Will this update come in with the new payments screen or is this a seperate development?

(Chris Rimell) #37

Now this is more like it! This is looking fantastic :champagne:


Will it be possible to have more than one payee with the same sort code/account number?
At the mo when I make credit card payments to different cards within Lloyd’s banking group, I have to re-setup the payee each time in order to change the account name (as the app currently writes over previous entry when it realises sort code etc are the same).

(Adam Kendrew) #39

Will the payee details (and profile pictures) reflect on incoming payments? For example, if I have a payee setup for myself (to transfer to my NatWest account), will it come through as Adam Kendrew in the feed or still ‘KENDREW AS’?

(Brian Hunter) #40

Also, will the feature come with a selection of dog pics for us to choose from?