Add Payees Easily

(Nathan) #61

Nice progress Jami and good to see!

Unfortunately no good to myself just yet as in a way to distinguish different accounts at the minute I set them up as “Nathan’s Skipton” “Nathan’s Marcus” etc so will need to wait till later updates otherwise will get messy :slight_smile:

(Andy) #62

Really like it! Looks like a great piece of work so far, excited to see the final product.

One thing that just caught me out is I accidentally deleted a contact and their account details. Would be nice to have a confirmation prompt when you hit the delete button.


Looking great so far, thanks for the update Jami!

(Peter Reid) #64

Really nice feature, great additions! Really looking forward to the improvements you outlined.

(Ravi) #65

Woah! Still not there yet but it’s great that it’s finally coming.

Initial thoughts:

  • desperately need the ability to merge existing payees as I’m not about to set up all my SOs again
  • how do you give the accounts a nickname? Is this for new payees as can’t seem to find an option on existing payees

(👨‍💻) #66

Is this live on iOS?
It doesn’t seem any different to me? Perhaps I am missing something.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #67

Amazing! :tada::tada::tada:

Just spent 5 minutes manually merging payees, really painless (but once merging becomes a feature I’m sure it’ll feel instant :grin:)

It’ll be wicked to edit names, got some “last name, first name” and some in full uppercase :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: glad to see that’ll make it in at some stage :smile:

Not sure if it’s included under “edit payees” but adding a profile photo would be great :ok_hand:

Really nice work on this update, glad to see it’s rolled out after seeing all the screenshots from @jscheah :joy:


It is, if you have the most recent version of the app.

(Leonard) #69

Really glad this first step is here! :raised_hands:

(Tom Arney) #70

Just tried the payees thing. Looks great!
It could do with some polishing, particularly around merging.

I have a friend’s legacy bank account which I’d transferred to before I persuaded them to join :monzo:, and their Monzo account. To merge the two was a lot of manual (even pencil & paper!) work.

Here's the detailed user journey if you care
  • First I tried adding the Monzo account to the legacy item, but there’s just a prompt for account details so clearly not intended to do it that way round.
  • Then I tried adding legacy to Monzo by tapping the person in the carousel which of course just opens the payment screen :man_facepalming:
  • Then I looked further down the “recents” list (Show more) where I found their Monzo account, so opened that and got the account details screen again… back to the payments screen, find the legacy account, no copy and paste so write details on paper, back to monzo account, type in the details, and… “there was a problem, please try again”.
  • So I deleted the legacy account entry, went back to the monzo entry, and manually added the legacy account again, and it’s worked :tada:

Happy with the end result (it saved my standing order to that payee despite me deleting the legacy account for a while), but ain’t nobody (except @nexusmaniac apparently :stuck_out_tongue: ) got time to go through all of that every time you want to merge two accounts into one contact!

Great to see these little improvements though, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(Andre Borie) #71

Just noticed a bug with the profile picture of a payee being blurry and low-resolution on the payee detail view. Latest iOS app on iPhone 8.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #72

I just took screenshots, deleted the duplicates and used split screen to copy the details across :grin::grin:

I’m also the kind of person who manually transferred all their Direct Debits across before Monzo could be used with CASS :joy::ok_hand:

(Tom Arney) #73

To be fair I deleted and re-added all the Standing Orders that CASS moved because they were uneditable and the payee names were in all caps and I didn’t need the shoutyness. Monzo really caters for my OCD tendencies in that regard


It would be great, after selecting the account from the list attached to a payee, if the next screen showed you what account you had chosen, just to confirm it


Would also be great to be able to store international payees

(Adam Kendrew) #76

It would be good for the scheduled payment tab to have some indication of which account a payment is setup to.

I’ve grouped a few accounts under my name, but there is still no way to distinguish (apart from the value) each account, without going into the transaction:


@jami is it possible to merge payees. I have a few payees with different accounts to merge

(MikeF) #78

See above.

(Dave) #79

When I tried to add an account to an existing payee I just got " X There was a problem. An unknown error ocurred. Please try again."

Note: Ocurred is spelt incorrectly in the error message :slight_smile:


I should read more carefully :see_no_evil: