Rename Payee

(Tom Purcell) #1

Apologies if this has been mentioned multiple times but are renaming of payees on the roadmap?

If not; if I delete a recent payee and pay the same bank account details under a new name would the history remain (e.g payments sent & received)?

(Tom Purcell) #2


(Dan) #3

It’s coming on the roadmap, we’ll be able to store and edit payees :slight_smile:

Also History would remain the same due to banking laws :slight_smile:

(Will Pimblett) #4

Just been looking through my recent payees on the payments tab. It’s nice you can see what bank accounts your contacts have however there is a lot of duplication and error.

  • I have 3x Joe Bloggs, one for each bank account I’ve payed to.
  • If people pay me first I get a part of their name in uppercase and the wrong way around.

To make this useful you need to be able to rename and merge people. Otherwise this list of people is just confusing.


It’s on the known things still to be done for the payee improvements