Merging Contacts

Hi all,

I was really happy to notice today that now you can add multiple bank accounts under a contact.

However there is still no merging functionality and considering the lack of contact multiple bank accounts under a contact until recently, there is a lot of tidy up there that I need to do…

Would anyone else benefit from a Contact Merging functionality?

  • Yes, I’d love to tidy up my contacts easily
  • No

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Monzo have already flagged that this feature is missing from the initial release, and is planned.


Oh… Ok I must have missed a lot (it was a busy end-of-year quarter at work)… when did that happen?

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Oh, I am just one day behind the new, all good :smile:

I was going to merge but as the merged post had been referenced several times and Monzo already knows about this gap are we happy to this thread to be closed off to allow discussion to continue on the main feedback thread?


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