You can now easily switch your joint accounts to Monzo!

Moving your joint account across just got a whole lot easier.


Goodbye OneAccount, goodbye Santander! You were good once.


Bring on the joint accounters and hello to Monzo treating Joint accounts the same as single accounts!

@Sheri will there be any functionality on the roadmap to move bills between single/joint accounts? - Would love to move all my bills to the joint account, but would ideally avoid having to do these 1 by 1.

I’m sure I saw something in one of the excellent Android tear downs that showed something exactly like that

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Just finished manually switching over mine last week :man_facepalming: but glad to see the back of Santander!

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Hey Danny! Good question. It’s actually something we’ve been testing out internally. If it works well, we’ll release it - stay tuned! :wink:


Sounds great, look fwd to it :slight_smile:

Is it just overdrafts that are missing from JA to bring them up to feature parity with single accounts?

Is there an eta when overdrafts will be available ?

  • Bill Splitting for joint accounts.
  • for joint accounts.
  • Shared Tabs for joint accounts.
  • IFTTT for joint accounts.
  • Overdrafts for joint accounts.

Oh dear still quite a bit then. I’ve said it previously but I hope JA customers don’t end up being second class to single account customers.

It seems to be taking a while for them to add these missing features in.

Loans as well.

Shared tabs and bill splitting works although the money isn’t paid to the joint account and goes to the person who setup the tab/split :confused:


I imagine the issue with Shared Tabs and Bill Splitting is that they’re currently linked to the user instead of the account, just like pots used to be.

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Most likely :slight_smile:

Hi @Sheri ,

Any idea whether this will be in labs at any point soon?

Hi @Sheri I just tried to switch my Joint Account from HSBC to Monzo and it has been rejected. I get the message ‘You can’t switch from a joint account. Talk to your old bank to find out more’. From what I read in your blog, you now can switch…is there anything I am missing? Thx

Sound like you tried to switch a joint account to your personal account from the message received. Are you sure you were trying a “Joint to Joint” switch?

Hey Thomas! As Mike’s mentioned, it may have been that you’d started the process of switching a personal account over. Let me know if that wasn’t the case!

So you need to open a JA first then start a switch?