Split Bill/Shared Tab on Joint Accounts

(Paul) #1


Just wondering if anyone has tried splitting a bill or creating a shared tab from a transaction in a joint account?

The options show up under the transaction - but I want to understand whether it works as expected or if there are bugs, before I try it out with some friends.

(I don’t have a ‘Request’ button on the payments screen of my joint account - so not sure whether it will treat the shared tab as being part of my individual account, for example, and only allow me to settle from that rather than the joint account.)


(Sean) #2

You can split/shared tab a transaction on the JA but can’t include the JA in a shared tab.

(Paul) #3

So if the JA can’t be in the shared tab, how is the JA transaction treated for the purposes of the tab? As though it was a personal transaction?

Will it count towards what I’ve contributed to the tab? And any payments from others settling the tab will go to my personal account?

(Sam) #4

I’m a bit confused with this.

Me and my family are going on holiday and we will be eating out a lot so I’ve told everyone to get monzo so we can bill split and do shared tabs etc.

Although my dad doesn’t use his phone much at all, especially when abroad so it would be a bit annoying bill splitting with him.

I thought if everyone got shared accounts with their partners would that mean that we could bill split and share the tabs with each other like normal?

I’m just a bit confused as to how it could work… how do other peoples joint accounts show up on your monzo etc? Can anyone explain?

(Sam) #5

So got my joint account and to be honest I’m a little disappointed.

I was expecting that if a friend shares a bill with my current account then I would be able to switch to the joint account and pay it from that balance.

It doesn’t seem like a very hard feature to implement at all, just a nuisance that it isn’t done. Is there any plans for this in the future?