Joint account Switch "all ready switching"?

So my wife and I have decided to go full Monzo and move our Highstreet accounts from singular to the Monzo joint (dds/Mortage ect all coming out of the Monzo joint) we have regular monzo we use all the time but want to merge our money since we are having a baby.

As far as I can tell it’s possible, so I began my switch then when it comes to hers, it tells us is already happening? I’m assuming we will have to wait for mine to clear for us to then be able to move hers?

my Halifax Personal > Monzo Joint Account
Wait for the transfer to finish for me
the do her Nationwide Personal > Monzo joint Account

We should then have both our wages, her mortgage DD and my Bills DD transfer? Does that seem right?

I think you’ll need to contact Monzo support as it’s complex switching a single to a joint. Sounds like you’re switching to your personal account

I didn’t think you could CASS a Personal account to a Joint Account?

I always thought it was Personal-to-Personal or Joint-to-Joint (with the same 2 names on the Joints)

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Almost certainly going to be switching from personal to personal. I don’t think it’s possible to switch from personal to joint (or vice versa).

I think what will happen if the joint account details have been given as the switch destination is that the application will get so far before coming back to say the switch can’t be completed.

ETA: as later replies show, it is possible. Pay me no heed.

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Hmm. That’s strange. I swear I read on here that it was possible… it also quite happily gave me the option on Monzo to select the Joint account.

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It probably gave the option because it cannot identify what type of account the source is, and so if you chose a joint account it will expect the source account to be joint too. That makes sense to me.

Right, so if it was a Halifax joint account into a monzo one it would be fine?

But a solo account into a joint is going to fail?

Am I basically having to manually transfer all the direct debits and re direct the wages payment manually then? I’m not sure I would have bothered had I realised this tbh

You’re best asking in app to get a definitive answer. They will be able to look into it all in far more detail than us and see exactly where it has gone wrong and why.

I wouldn’t worry too much about this if that’s what it comes down to.

We didn’t want to close our old account (which is what the switch service does) so we moved all ours manually. Most can be changed online which is super quick and simple, then for the odd one we had to call. I’d say it didn’t take longer than 30 minutes to move all of ours :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely possible to switch a sole account into a joint account. I have done it before.

The other way around (joint into sole) is not possible for obvious reasons.


Ohhh so youve done it? How did it work for the other person? That’s what I’m most interested in atm.

I am also contacting support so let’s see how that goes!

I’ve done it from hsbc sole into a Barclays joint account. The other person just wasn’t involved in any way whatsoever.

Ah, you want to switch two sole accounts into the joint account?

I think with monzo you can only have one active switch at a time.

So wait until the first switch completes then do the second.

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Yeah that’s exactly it.
Me and her into one joint account (that already exists)
Since mines up of the 24th, my assumption was come the 25th she could apply, wait 7 days and by September both would be merged into one!

Well, well… from the in-app help:

The second section informs you can switch both current (personal) and joint accounts to a :monzo: joint account. So hang in there and switch them one-by-one until complete!

Like @Ordog, I did ours manually to keep the legacy accounts open.

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Monzo’s sloppy drafting strikes again: both personal/individual accounts and joint accounts are “current” accounts.

Using “current” as a synonym for “personal” just confuses matters here. :man_facepalming: