You can now easily switch your joint accounts to Monzo!

@Sheri any updates on whether this will be available in labs or in the app at all?

Hey Danny! It’s still in internal testing, but I’ve followed up to see if and when we’ll be moving it into Labs :crossed_fingers:


thanks @Sheri - would be amazing :slight_smile:

Hi there! Do you have any news about magical DD switching to Join accounts?

Hey @Sheri! Sorry for bothering you again, but I really hope that you’ll be able to add this feature soon and I wouldn’t be required to write a physical letter to HSBC to amend my direct debit for a credit card :smiley:

Please say you have some exciting news! :slight_smile:

It’s been a while… Hey @Sheri, any chance you have some news one the Direct Debit switching to a Joint account?