Two people switching from solo "other" accounts to Monzo Joint?

I swear I’ve read this is possible, but basically, my wife and I have:
Halifax account / Monzo personal / Monzo Joint
Nationwide / Monzo personal / Monzo Joint

We are trying to go full Monzo and I was lead to believe that we could both switch from our brick and mortar bank and all the direct debits on each to the Joint Monzo. So both our wages go into the joint, all the bills come out, and so on.

Is this the case?
I’ve started the switch for me, but when I go to do it on hers it says a switch is already happening.
Presumably, once mine has been done, we can move her? does that sound about right?

Anyone with any experience in doing this would be great

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Hello! I believe you can only have one active switch per account, so you’ll need to wait with the next switch until the first one completes.

Might be worth dropping Monzo support a message just to be safe

In-app help article informs what is possible - see here:

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Ah yes this can be deleted.
It seems that when I tried to post when I signed up and again the next today they sat waiting to be okd.
I did wonder if they would then go up more or less the same time!

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