Joint Account Limitations May 2020

Hi, thinking of going full Monzo from a Nationwide Joint Account to a Monzo Joint Account and I was just checking to see what the current state of play is with missing features in joint accounts vs standard accounts.

Are these things still missing?

  • Bill Splitting for joint accounts.
  • Monzo Me for joint accounts.
  • Shared Tabs for joint accounts.
  • IFTTT for joint accounts.
  • Overdrafts for joint accounts.

Does the Salary Sorter understand 2 wages?

Thanks everyone!

  • Bill Splitting for joint accounts. yes
  • Monzo Me for joint accounts. NO
  • Shared Tabs for joint accounts. ?
  • IFTTT for joint accounts. NO
  • Overdrafts for joint accounts. yes works on any incoming payment £100 or more

You’re thinking of getting paid early? AFAIK overdrafts are still not available on joint accounts.

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I can confirm that overdrafts are NOT available on joint accounts.

This isn’t a thing for joint accounts, I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve with wanting it? You can add joint account purchases to a shared tab, then you’d simply add all the people you want to split it with. Which could also include the person you have a joint account with if you wanted?

The above correction about overdrafts is also correct - not available. Having not had one for well over a year, I can say it’s not as bad as it seems with all the tools and notifications Monzo give you. I’m actually glad I don’t rely on one anymore and I save money in fees :smiley:

Was marked as :soon: before the pandemic, so hopefully :soon: :soon:

Everything else has already been answered :slight_smile:

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sorry ment last for - Does the Salary Sorter understand 2 wages?
yes works on any incoming payment £100 or more

ops :roll_eyes:

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I’m sure you can work it out.

Sure as you say they could do it with a personal account but that’s not going to work with purchases made on a joint account.

Telling them they can use a personal account to split it kind of disregards what they are trying to do or are asking in the first place.

It reminds me of when apple told people to “avoid holding their phone that way” when it caused their signal to drop. (Old reference I know)

I’m not solely aiming this at you but it seems to be a common theme on here that people question why a poster wants or asks for something. Instead of it getting a simple answer or discussion people waive it away, respond by implying it’s not needed or an issue.

If I took your post the wrong way I apologise but like I say I am seeing this sort of thing in general on here.


Didn’t think this was. Just tried on mine and still send to direct to personal Monzo me

What a ridiclous thing to say. Every comment in here including my own is help for the OP and is answering their questions.

You absolutely have. You’ve focused on one line out of my whole comment, taken it out of context and blown it out of proportion going on a massive rant.

It was a genuine question because you can add payments from a joint account to a shared tab. If that’s what he wants to do, great. If not, then perhaps joint accounts aren’t quite ready for him :man_shrugging: I really don’t understand the point you’re trying to make :confused:

I focused on one line for the points I’ve already made and because it seemed totally irrelevant to the point raised. I guess I got confused between…

And then…

When it comes to Bill Splitting (joint accounts) miss something that would be really helpful. At the moment splitting a joint account bill or transaction only allows you to split it with another user on Monzo but it should also include being able to add your personal Monzo account. This way it is a true split and you will be able to see it correctly being paid from your personal account.


Thanks all for the helpful replies. Seems like the lack of an overdraft is the only major stumbling block. We hardly use it, but we like to know it’s there…

Is development continuing on joint accounts or are we feeling like these missing features are never coming?

Thanks again.

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