Current account switching for joint accounts


It’s weird that it’s in the app then. But you’re right I think I will wait.


On your joint account? It’s only there on my personal account.




Oh in that case go nuts. They must be doing a slow rollout.

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #18

Very Jealous! Don’t appear to be able to see this in my view. How did you get on? Appear to work ok? Patiently waiting my chance @monzo


Went through it all was very slick and easy tbf just wait to see if it works now.


If anyone is interested looks like it is going to work.

(Steve Chandler) #21

Oh my gawwwwd. Was hoping to have my current joint overdraft sorted at this point so I can’t switch just yet but knowing it’s there, huzzah!

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #22

Yea!! Full Joint Account delights, here we go!

(Harry Waters) #23

I can’t see the option yet, should it be there?!


It’s not showing for everyone yet, but you can cheat it:

  • Make sure your joint account is the active account in your app
  • Go to the Help tab and search for ‘switch’.
  • Then choose the ‘What is a full switch?’ help page.
  • In there will be a button to begin the switch.

(Harry Waters) #25

Thanks :pray: in progress now! :grinning:


Love it when people find workarounds!! Bye Bye Tesco Bank…!!

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #27

Haha! Yes this is very similar to how I managed it. Expected switch date Friday, yeoooo!

(Tony Perrott) #28

Ive tried this but looks like it has selected my single account. Will wait and see.


Mine has completed and looks to have worked perfectly.


There’s technically been a work around since the day joint accounts wash launched! :wink:

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #31

Just double check you selected your joint account in the app prior to clicking the link on the article. Personally i used one of Mr Cooks blogs on switching which seemed to do the trick.

(Richard Cook) #32

Launched! You can now switch your joint account over to Monzo using the Current Account Switch Service :tada:

Keep your feedback coming here:

(Richard Cook) closed #33