Why is there a delay in getting my prepaid card?

(Anthony) #1

Hi all :wave:

We’re experiencing some delays with getting cards out :credit_card: :alarm_clock: and I wanted to let you all know what’s happening as it happens.

We only have one supplier who makes our prepaid cards (fear not, that’s not the case for the current account!). They are currently updating their personalisation machines. These are the machines which emboss the cards, and programme the chips and mag stripes.

Due to some timing issues our supplier has been unable to get cards to us as quick as we need them and there is a break in the service this week, which means we won’t get more cards. This has affected a number of their customers and we’re working hard to fix this as soon as we can.

We’ve got a small stock of cards at the office and have prioritised replacement cards to current users until this issue is resolved.

This means we won’t be able to send cards to new users until we get more cards from our supplier - this is expected to go on for this week, but should be resolved next week. If you’re affected by this we’ll contact you directly, so please don’t feel that you need to reach out to customer support yet.

Apologies to anyone who this is causing issues for. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them here.


TL;DR Due to supplier issues there won’t be any new monzo cards sent out this week, but we’ll continue to replace cards for existing users

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(Jill Hayes) #2

Does that include cards that were expected today? I’m only asking as my partner got a message from you to say his card should arrive today and as yet, no post

(Sam Harrison) #3

I would expect so, as mine was expected today and I was messaged directly by the Monzo guys saying it wouldn’t be here until next week.

(Jill Hayes) #4

Great, thanks Sam. At least I can say something when he gets home from work complaining lol

(Sam Harrison) #5

I’m not particularly happy about this, as I paid across £100 to you guys last week and wasn’t warned in advance of the delay. Surely you knew about this break in service in advance?

(Cameron) #6

Appreciate the transparency, thanks! I’m travelling late next week so finger’s crossed it will be resolved in time :slight_smile:


Very disappointing and very bad first impression of Monzo.

I also transferred over the £100, now I’m not going to be able to spend it until next week at the earliest.

(Dan Macarthur) #8

Thanks for letting me know, though I am quite concerned about being down £100 for the foreseeable future without any clear timeline of how quickly this will be sorted (especially as I was hoping to use it abroad this weekend). Is there anything that can be done to compensate for this?


Hi. I’m due to leave the country this Saturday for a considerable period of time and the Monzo card was to be used abroad. I now don’t know if I will receive this in time, yet I have topped up £100. I’d like to be refunded this amount if I am not going to be able to use it.

(Anthony) #10

@Jill Sorry but it would likely include that order unless it was shipped last week

@sgch We did know about the change of machines but had been assured that it was all undercontrol and there would be no break in service

@Mark_07 I’m sorry that this is your first experience of monzo, this isn’t something we take lightly and the risk of this happening was the main driver for us using 2 suppliers for our debit cards


Thanks for the reply @Anthony, are we able to request a refund of the £100 we’ve deposited?

(Becky Stanczyk) #12

@Anthony hello, thank you for letting us know about the problem. I am due to go away on a gap year on the 4th October. As it currently stands, what is the anticipated date for delivery? It would be convenient to know whether I should sort an alternative prepaid travel card. Thank you!

(Anthony) #13

@Mark_07 How it works is we won’t be able to refund the initial £100 top up without closing your account. If you haven’t received your card by the end of next week, we can send it out by special fast-tracked delivery. If you would like to go ahead with the refund, let us know in customer support - sorry this is a massive pain for everyone involved :disappointed_relieved:

(vm.88@hotmail.co.uk) #14

Hello i go on holiday on sunday for 2 weeks and have already loaded the 100. Can i get one of your office stock ones ??

(Paul) #15

I’m a bit disappointed, as a friend sold me on getting a card , and as I was going away this Tuesday I was counting on taking it away with me , using his golden ticket to make sure it arrived before my holiday and loading it up with £100 to use on holiday, not a good start :pensive:


Ok @Anthony thanks , I’ll have to wait it out.


Very disappointing, was really looking forward to using it for my Barcelona holiday starting on 1st Oct and can’t wait to use it daily basis…

(Jill Hayes) #18

Thanks Anthony, I’ll let him know


Anthony, what are the chances of receiving the card by this coming Friday, 29th September? I am based in London.

(Alan Holmes) #20

This is rather disappointing!

Had been considering whether or not to get one of these cards for a few weeks, wondering if it would help with budgeting/ keeping track of spending. But finally decided to give it a go. Waited my nearly 2 weeks to get to the front of the queue, added my £100 on Saturday and then this.

Like many others I now have £100 in limbo :frowning:

I was hoping to have this card before the weekend as I was going to have a good opportunity to put this card to the test, and this £100 was allocated for this weekend.

Not the best start for customer service. But I will give you the benefit of the doubt cause I know a lot of people using his card, that have nothing but good things to say about it.

Hoping to still get it by end of this week, rather than being in the group that has to wait till next week, so I can still use that money were I had planned to use it for.