My friend has lost confidence in Monzo already

(James Cook ) #1

My friend who signed up to Monzo a while back recently deposited his £100 to receive his card. Apparently on the app it told him he was eligible for a card immediately and it would take 2 working days to be sent out to him.

2 days passed, and nothing arrived, so he contacted Monzo support who advised him there had been some issues and that they’d send one out right away.

This was last Tuesday I believe, and he still hasn’t received his card. Granted, it really isn’t long but he is quite an impatient person and has already had to contact support once about this.

He told me he might just cancel, as it doesn’t instill much confidence in him for Monzo to correctly handle his money.

He doesn’t know I’ve posted here, but was hoping I could get this sorted for him, as it does make Monzo look bad and all I do is talk up Monzo. Not to mention I have a vested interest in Monzo’s long term success.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

presumably you are expecting a member of Monzo staff to read this on the public forum and reach out to you to find out your friends name so they can then in turn get in touch with them to sort out the mailing system and things like correct address etc etc as you don’t mention what the issues are when they contacted Monzo -

  • perhaps mention a member of staffs name like @Naji so he can at least be aware of who your friend might be to give Monzo some chance of sorting it out for them ? :slight_smile:

(James Cook ) #3

The issues were nothing to do with incorrect information, it was apparently an internal system hiccup and some cards did not get issued when they should have.

I would have assumed Monzo would have sent it out first class post when he contacted them, but nothing.

Yes, my intention was for a staff member to see this and help me help them help my friend :wink:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #4

have you tried your in app chat to contact customer support directly - surely quicker on a Sunday morning ?

(Drew sanders) #5

My wife’s card was delayed in the last week. Think it took 4 working days after £100 paid on.

(Johnny Ellwood) #6

I referred my friend who topped up and was waiting for his card patiently. Said it can take a while as the amount of users was going up as well as the spamming of the Golden Ticket forum.

2 weeks went past, still no card. I contacted support on his behalf, apologised and asked him to contact them directly. He did so and another one was sent out.

Another week had gone by, still no card. Told him to jump on the support again, they apologised and sent another card out.

Another week, no card. Contacted support and asked them to deliver it to our work address, card arrived next day…

It was an odd experience when my card came 2 days after getting to the top of the queue, and in the time he was waiting for his card, 2 other referrals got theirs. Happy to say he is now using it as his primary card as much as possible.

(Simon B) #7

Hi James. Sorry to hear about this!

Unfortunately whilst I’d be unable to discuss your friends account with you personally due to data protection, if you private message me with some details, I can investigate and reach out to your friend directly.

(Tom ) #8

Weird. Does your mate live in a flat with shared mailbox?

First Direct no longer deliver cards to addresses with shared mailboxes as cards were getting nicked.

(Johnny Ellwood) #9

Nope, mid-terraced house.
Was a bit of an odd one but luckily he is very patient so there was no harm done.
He was just worried the card wouldn’t come before comic-con :grin:

(James Cook ) #10

So it took him 4 weeks to get a card? I think the issue here is Monzo told my mate that it would be with him within 2 working days. If they can’t keep up with demand they shouldn’t make such promises, it just sets the wrong expectations

(Alex Sherwood) #11

I can honestly say that is the first time I’ve heard of card delivery going this horribly wrong & I’ve never seen a tweet sharing an experience with card delivery that’s been anywhere near this bad. So I’m not concerned that Monzo are setting the wrong expectations for this process.

(Johnny Ellwood) #12

It was an odd experience but I can say he is a happy customer now. He never made a big deal of it because it wasn’t a big deal to him. It was as proven with other people, including who I have referred, a one time deal. Sometimes these things happen, we aren’t holding :monzo: responsible in any way shape or form. The expectations in my opinion are not unjust, but as with any product from any company, sometimes a bad experience just happens.

(Tristan Thomas) #13

Just to apologise on behalf of Monzo for this — totally understand how annoying that must be :frowning: Unfortunately, Royal Mail can’t guarantee 100% reliability for delivery and that leads to instances like this — hopefully one day we can fix that :wink:

Sorry to your friend and anyone else who experiences this and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if it does happen! In-app chat is your best bet for a fast reply :slight_smile: