Really disappointed in Customer Service lately

So to explain - I live mostly on the Isle of Man - my monzo account uses my UK address, I stopped my Monzo Plus subscription and it insisted I got a new coral card, this was on the 25th August… screenshots below, hopefully in order - am I expecting too much or being too harsh? I waited 3 hours today for what seems to have been a canned response… it’s now been 4 hours since the last reply, I thought we were in the middle a conversation but apparently they got bored replying… charming!


I’m really sorry this is the experience you’ve had :pensive:

You should be able to activate either of the cards, which is the message you should have been given originally.


Gosh, that was a bit of a journey and that was just me reading it!


I’ve just had a message from ‘James’ with the following:

This is ridiculous…


It’s interesting to see a ‘typical’ case, as many ‘bad’ experiences are deemed to be rare or one-off experiences. The service you’ve received is diabolical, and you’re still left without a new working card.

Out of interest, as they’re claiming it is international, are they charging you the £30 fee?

they’ve not charged me anything - the thing is - for a bank that should be watching their costs - why not use Royal Mail? second class post works fine! and probably would have been here by now!


I do really feel for the OP, I’m also impressed with the level of patience.

Monzo’s help has rarely been that great, I’ve almost always had multiple agents deal with my issues. Thankfully I don’t have to contact them much.


It seems like one of those things purely down to policy, to be honest, which would be more expected of a larger more legacy bank. It is something Monzo should look at, especially if the service is equal to or better than a courier where you live.


one thing that is interesting is the fact I’ve not given any of the 9 (!!) people I’ve apparently spoken with - nobody has asked me which card I’ve actually received so how do they know the card I have isn’t the right one? … I assume based on the date of arrival, but they said that card never got shipped because the address was wrong… and if it is that card how did it ever leave the place the cards are sent from… you know if the address was wrong?

So - I’ve activated the card anyways and it seems to have worked - unsure what will happen with the other card due to arrive in 10 days - will this current new card stop working due to the other new one’s pending arrival?

I also don’t want Monzo to forget about my experience just because I have a working card currently… I think something should be done… will see if anyone reaches out…


A five minute phone call would have had this sorted. Instead monzo pass you around and send you to the chat and hang up when you call. Poor service.


I think Monzo learns from each conversation it has with customers. As Ava said: big demand for support. I can only imagine that in this case — a phone might have been better.

That is appalling service.


One of my gripes about the current iteration of chat and relevant to this case too is that during the many hours that 9 people are working on this for you, there is no way of contacting customer service for anything else because the chat is locked to that one problem that they’ve said even said won’t been seen by cops once the case has been escalated.


This is appalling and unacceptable for a bank. Monzo need to take a good, hard look at themselves and their customer support, and this is coming from a(n ex) diehard Monzo fan

With Starling you can get into a live chat and get your issue sorted fairly quickly without having to wait around. They do pass you to specialists sometimes but that doesn’t mean that nobody will see your messages for hours. What if you had another urgent issue that needed sorting?

Even Barclays provide better service in chat


This has been an issue since the launch of the ‘new’ in-house chat system, which I also believe is the underlying cause of many other issues. No doubt the original chat system using Intercom wasn’t perfect, but it allowed separation of queries and had vastly more features appropriate for a company of Monzo’s size.


I haven’t the energy to read the 87 screen shots provided. Can someone provide a brief synopsis so I know where we are on the Monzo-Blame-O-Meter?

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Unfortunately they have failed spectacularly in this instance and they’ve even contradicted the advice @Dan5 gave earlier, which in fairness to Dan his advice seems to be right so far

  • 2 weeks was added to their estimated delivery date for their new card so they got in touch with support
  • Lots of passing around but basically they assumed the first one had got lost so automatically ordered a new one for him
  • Lots of passing around to answer why it takes 2 weeks. OP lives in isle of man so it’s classed as international delivery and they use a different courier
  • OP receives a card and isn’t sure if it’s the first or second one so asks if it’s ok to activate.
  • More passing around and confusion - end of screenshots


Lots of passing around for a simple question. Towards the end, it seems that the new adviser didn’t read the conversation history.


It is amazing that something so simple needs a ‘specialist’. Any other bank you would not get passed around like that. Everyone who touched that case needs pulling aside and talking to, to find out why that happened. That is t putting blame on them, I suspect it is the software which is the problem. Agents rarely seem to see things in context when I contact them.