Why do paypoint merchants not accept monzo top up?

Why do merchants with paypoint points not accept topping up monzo?

I went to use my feature with the plus account of cash deposit which I was curious about and found out it cannot be done hmmmm.

They either point blank say “they don’t do it” or have no knowledge how to do it. I did attempt to show them the top up page steps on the FAQs but they were reluctant.

I’m a bit annoyed that happened to all the paypoint points in my direct vicinity? (Tooting) Monzo plus is meant to be making banking more efficient using paypoint clearly is a step backwards. Especially if I have to travel out of my area to deposit money???

Are we going backwards? What will be done? How could you improve this? Do you have a contract with paypoint? Are paypoint or monzo aware of this?

They do accept Monzo, the issue is they think they don’t.


Does that not make it still an issue for Monzo card holders?

It’s frustrating because we both know they do! But they don’t want to do it because they never have done it?

How do you get around that?


Someone suggested to don’t say “please can I deposit cash” but “please can I top up this card”


what i find an effective way to get them to do it just say you want to put ££ such amount on this card, because i find when you say you want to deposit money on your account they always say they can’t do that have to go post office or bank

I literally said “top up my monzo card” and showed them the Monzo steps 🤷

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Could it be that paypoint merchants have not been made aware of this service they could provide? (Clearly) … Could Monzo simply ask Paypoint to send out comms for a more permanent change. Rather then Monzo community going in and finding out they should not tell the merchant that they are depositing cash rather topping up a card like a utility card?

What is telling them going to change?

You’ve shown them it works and how to do it, if they are so stubborn to even try then an email from PayPoint won’t make any difference.

I tried this before - they asked “is it a bank card” and then said no.

My understanding of PayPoint is, these types of services aren’t cost effective [i.e. actually cost them money# for the actual shop, and so you get these sorts of refusals.

If you contact Monzo with the paypoint locations they can escalate it with them ,

I think the email is acceptance@monzo.com

Or you can use in app chat.

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One person said we don’t do that. As they thought the Monzo Plus card is chip only, and doesn’t have magnetic stripe. But it does have one.

I asked them to try swiping it as normal. To top up. Went through fine.

In the other PayPoint topic I posted this:

After reporting the merchant to PayPoint I got this response.
I’m not back until next month so I haven’t had a chance to check it again, but it seems like reporting the merchant to PayPoint is the way to go.

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You have to push sometimes.

Semantics is key here… I ask them to “put £xx on this card” and if they look confused gently tell them it should be swiped. As others have said it is best - rightly or wrongly - to avoid using references to “paying in cash” etc…

Once they swipe it and something comes up on the screen you’re generally home and dry.

Just to echo what’s been said here, I’ve only done it twice, but both times said ‘can I top up this card please’ and they did it. One bloke looked a bit confused when he looked at the card, but tried it and it worked.

Or you can just go to a different shop that treats their customers better.

I never understand what shopkeepers hope to achieve by being uncooperative and stubborn with things.

It costs Paypoint retailers money to deposit your cash. This was very insightful, from a Paypoint shopkeeper:

Read the entire post, and the following conversation where they answered questions.

In short, Monzo has done a deal with a scheme which forces an economically flawed model on local businesses. To put it bluntly, why should a shopkeeper take your money when it costs them to do so?


Wow I actually feel bad for complaining to PayPoint about a retailer after reading that. I guess I’ll just stick to using larger retailers for deposits.

What I do is use my starling account to deposit money at Post Office then I just transfer it over to my Monzo account. Never had acceptance issue depositing money at a Post Office

Wonder how much the OP was trying to pay in and if he had the cash in hand. Can imagine if you were holding a wad then they’d have been extra adamant they couldn’t do it.

Shop keepers aren’t forced to sign up for paypoint terminals