Paying Cash At PayPoint

Great to see Monzo have teamed with PayPoint so thought I’d try it to see how it works. Went to 2 places and both said it’s not possible or they don’t do it! Anyone had the same experience?

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I used to have a prepaid card which could be topped up at PayPoint. It was a bit hit and miss, then.

I expect it’s just staff or shop owners not being aware.

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If you call it a top up and tell them to swipe the card they should try it for you. It’s new so they don’t know


I’ll try that tomorrow. Thanks

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@baishy Show them this?

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I made my first deposit yesterday, no questions were asked. Easy!

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Thanks for all the replies Just paid in at PayPoint successfully. After telling the guy he had to swipe the card it worked. They were all trying to put it in using the chip. Hurray


Good to hear. Interested to know whether this is something you would do regularly in future, or just purely trying it out

Failed at first two locations Coop & TescoExpress. At both locations staff didn’t know how to do it. Both got on the phone for advice. CoOp staff were told their EPOS system did not support cash deposit to Monzo via PayPoint and the Tesco Staff had no clue at all. I told them the advice I was given from Monzo “Add Money option then Swipe”. However I saw the screen for myself and Add Money was not an option on the terminal. I have informed Monzo. I don’t think all PayPoint terminals have been updated to support it yet. CoOp has integrated PayPoint into its own till software but say they don’t support it yet. So despite Monzo saying ALL PayPoints accept Monzo deposits, I don’t think this is accurate. I asked them if they will inform Monzo customers and their reply was “I don’t believe so at this stage.” I don’t think this is acceptable so I’m putting it out there, that for whatever reason there are issues with this process at the present time. They really need to grasp the problem quickly. They are assuring me they will, and that I will have an update tomorrow. I’ll update then. Good luck all.


Will depend on the Co-op here. There are 3 that use the same EPOS system that is definitely integrated with PayPoint as you say (Co-operative Group, Midcounties Co-Op and Southern Co-Op) this comprises the majority of Co-op stores you’ll walk into. I used to work at one so I’ll ask one of my old colleagues what they plan to do or how they would handle this.

Edit: I should say I worked in IT so I will check from a technical perspective.

Some of the Co-Op Stores do support it since there was tale of woe on the slack channel yesterday about how one store managed to get it badly wrong. They couldn’t have screwed up that badly if the option wasn’t available on their software.

Did you ask them to swipe the card through the terminal? Had this issue but now used 3 separate locations and after insisting on them swiping the card, it’s worked every time.

I did, but they didn’t even know which buttons/options to press to even perform this task.

These terminals can do many functions and it seems that unless it’s a bill payment, phone topup, or gas/electricity topup, they just don’t know. The e-money option then seemed to present them with several payment processors, none of which they knew anything about let alone Monzo.

I believe there’s a combination of issues here, the software version of the terminal or EPOS system and lack of staff training.

I have asked Monzo to tell me the process (which buttons to press) so that I can tell the staff.

If anyone who works with PayPoint terminals reads this and can tell us the procedure please reply to this.

Dean Crowe


Thanks Sean,

Any insight would be helpful at this stage.


Wow, thanks Mike,

Unfortunately the Monzo staff I have spoken to think all the failures are few and far between and isolated incidents. I have suggested to them that the problem might be bigger than they think since many people don’t report the problem.

I think it’s down to the staff. Did they actually swipe the card through the terminal? I’ve seen it done 2 ways. 1 through the PayPoint terminal and 1 through the shops terminal. They didn’t have to press anything special. Once swiped It came up on the terminal like you were checking out. It looked very simple.

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I have used it at two separate SPAR shops (Maltby and Liskeard) quite far away from each other and both were able to do it without any prompting from me.

The Liskeard SPAR was my first one and I said that I know it can be done but don’t quite know what I’m doing. The lady in the shop was straight away, “a Monzo Card? I know what to do with that.”

Really impressed.


Quick question: Can you deposit cash into Monzo account without having a card? signed up yesterday and card has not arrived yet.


No. They need to swipe the card to make it work.


Thank you.

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