Awkward PayPoint Situation

I’ve paid into PayPoint in the past and it’s always been really awkward when I go in and ask to deposit money into my Monzo card. They look at you like you’re stupid and try to tell you they can’t accept money to deposit into your bank. It’s only until you explain who you bank with and what PayPoint is they decide to swipe your card and give it a try on their end.

My question is how can I ask them to deposit money in a PayPoint without it being awkward and that they immediately know what I’m on about.


Tell them you want to top your card up, that seems to be universal language for swipe that card.

You can’t do anything about training which employees get at various shops unfortunately. That’ll always be an issue, some are better than others


I’m just unaware if I’m saying or doing something wrong in all honesty aha, I hate the awkwardness you see ahaha. :sweat_smile:

I appreciate your response though and do understand not all employees are trained.

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To avoid the situation all-together you can do what we do.

Save your cash and use it as full or partial payment towards your next purchase (like your weekly grocery shop for example). It’s actually really rare that we get cash nowadays but that’s what we used to do.

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Just ask them to top up your pre paid card… no probs. Don’t use word - bank

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And don’t worry what something thinks when you’re asking them to do their job.

It might feel awkward for the few seconds you’re there but the second you walk out the door, it’s forgotten.


I had a similar experience with the local PO, but to be honest if anyone asks anything out of the normal buying stuff, or get complicated (like paying on monzo) they don’t like it! I’ve been told we’re not a proper post office before. I think that 80% of retail workers just hate the general public, other 20% enjoy human interaction.

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Flash cash first (cause often they think people are trying to top up paypoint stuff with credit cards). Say you want to top up, then give them the card to swipe.

One person didn’t want to top up Monzo plus card cause it doesn’t have a magstripe… Which I told them it does, just try it…

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Monzo has a banking licence… Therefore Monzo is a real bank. If they don’t want to offer a service they don’t have to, doesn’t mean it’s not a real bank, because something you want to use isn’t available.


Monzo is a proper bank actually so shows how much you know. And I, as well as everyone else can bank with whoever we want and not because what other people think.

Monzo follows the same rules as any other bank and they can offer and refuse service at anytime.


Flagged for that, harsh.

For day to day banking, sure, Monzo is fine. For everything else (paying in cash, depositing cheques, buying houses, anything else that needs a CHAPS transaction, anything that needs me to be able to speak to someone on demand, having a sort code that’s universally accepted) there’s First Direct…

Managed all 3 of them using my Monzo account, hassle free an all.