PayPoint problems

The first time I needed to deposit cash with PayPoint, I had to walk around town to four different locations before finally finding one that would complete the service. One location said they didn’t have PayPoint service despite being a post office with a sign and one location was a shop that had been closed for a long time.
Today I went to three locations. The first said they didn’t know how to use PayPoint. The second said they didn’t have PayPoint despite being listed on the map as having it. And the third refused to deposit cash.
So of course this is frustrating. I contacted Monzo via chat and told them my woes, and the agent simply parroted back the instructions on how to use PayPoint from their FAQ.
Anyone else having similar issues with PayPoint? I am considering closing my Monzo account and going elsewhere as I find this whole situation annoying, and the agent not bothering to send me a personalised message didn’t feel helpful.

Hi - I love Monzo but am finding customer service woeful via the chat app!

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If you handle cash regularly you absolutely should. Monzo are really poor in this department.

At the very least, open up a Starling account and use the PO to deposit and transfer over.

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It’s a well known problem with PayPoint. Many people don’t have an issue but plenty of people come to the forum to voice how it hasn’t worked for them with shops refusing to process it.

The general trick is to say ‘can you put £10 on this’ or whatever and don’t act like you’re making a bank deposit. The PayPoint shop owners don’t like that.

Ongoing discussion is here: