PayPoint Shop don’t accept Monzo card

Today I went to a Local Premier store (ST Owen Convenience Store, 53a St Owen Street, Hereford, HR1 2JQ) intending to deposit cash into my Monzo bank account. I asked the cashier if I could deposit some cash into my bank account via PayPoint. The cashier said that this isn’t possible and that they don’t deposit money on Monzo cards.


Since Paypoint operators are independent not all of them keep up to date with what the machine can and can’t do.

Adding money to your Monzo card is a lot like topping up. This is a phrase they’re more familiar with. So asking for a top up or to swipe the card will result in them being able to add money to your Monzo account :slight_smile:

If they’re being deliberately difficult then take your custom elsewhere. It will ultimately end up in their loss as word gets around :slight_smile:


This complaint has been made since the day the service was launched.

Monzo doesn’t really care it doesn’t work in a lot of places :man_shrugging:t2:


Make a complaint to PayPoint as well, this retailer is not allowing their customers to use their provisioned service. I’m sure Monzo do care but it’s neither their responsibility nor within their gift to resolve.

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I don’t think this is fair :slight_smile: We do care and expended a lot of time trying to fix this in the early days. As always, if there are PayPoint retailers who aren’t aware of what to do, please let us know in the chat and we’ll follow up with PayPoint directly :+1:

I think it’s fair to say that Monzo has tried to implement a service here to accommodate things that you really don’t want to have to do.

Admittedly, cheque and cash usage is in decline anyway, but customers still need it on occasion at least.

The PayPoint Service, from day one, has been deficient. It’s shameful that customers are being charged for this basic banking service.


I appreciate your responses on here lately, but I can’t see how Monzo following up(if you really do) makes a different, I have reported up to 10 stores multiple times who have all refused to do it. I have officially given up with cash deposits and have to use a legacy because it seems for every PayPoint merchant that will do it, there’s 10 that won’t.

I do hope Monzo rethink this sometime soon, with the amount of comments on here and things I see on Twitter, it’s astonishing that Monzo haven’t acted sooner.


If Monzo are feeding this back to PayPoint, which I presume they are because what is the benefit of them NOT doing this (given this and other forum threads!), then the issue appears to be that PayPoint aren’t following up. That’s an issue with PayPoint.

As for rethinking it, I guess the only way would be to partner with a high street bank for cash deposits. I’m presuming that would cost Monzo more than PayPoint (or they’d have done it that way in the first place?), and I’m then presuming the % of cash deposits isn’t worth it. (side thought: Monzo use Natwest (I think) for cheque deposits, is there a lever there for ‘cash at branch’?)).

Back to the OP then, I’d also raise the issue with this store directly with PayPoint, no harm in having another voice in that conversation so that store can be briefed properly. Hope you get it sorted, must be v.annoying!


Not had a problem with this but I do drop into Asda to put money in on the odd occasion I need to, can get on with shopping at the same time then whilst I’m in the area

My first attempt to deposit cash failed miserably. The next time I tried, same shop, same assistant, I just said “top up please” and handed over my card. Transaction completed no problem.

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Unfortunately high street bank branches are dropping like flies, Hate to say it but the PO is the only other real solution in my opinion.

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Post offices would be worse for those who work normal office hours. They’re closed evenings and weekends :-1:


Debate for one of the other threads i think but I disagree, depends on circumstance, I work normal office hours and would be better, not all PO’s are closed at weekends, but I would personally go on my lunch break, and would prefer to go on a lunch break than a weekend anyway.

It’ll vary completely from user to user, there’s not really a 1 size fits all

Disagree with that. Most around me (Rossendale) are open Saturdays, 2 within reasonable walking distance, and one open until 6pm. In fact, going further out and googling Post Offices within reasonable driving distance (Rochdale, Accrington, Burnley), all of them are open until at least 12:30 on a Saturday.

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I have two Post Offices in walking distance one is 7am-8pm during the week and Saturday 7am–8pm, Sunday 8am–5pm. The other is 7am–10pm seven days a week.


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I’ve got a post office within 10 minutes of my house open all day Sunday.

So if they’re closed from 6pm and are only open until 12:30 on Saturday I’m not that wrong :laughing:

Sadly, I don’t have the privilege of being able to pop into town on my lunchbreak at work and I certainly don’t want to spend my day off on a Saturday morning sat in traffic trying to get into town :grimacing:

Either way it’s much easier to just keep your cash and use it towards your next purchase, like the weekly grocery shop :slight_smile:

Evenings for sure but my local post offices are open on Saturdays nearly all day so opening hours must vary

If due diligence was done in the first place Monzo would have known how these small stores operate and would have went with the post office (who offer dedicated financial services to banks and have been doing so flawlessly for years, with everyone being trained to do so) to begin with

Is it to do with cost?

No one cares about what PayPoint is or isn’t doing - monzo are providing the service and need to tell PayPoint: improve or we kill our contract. You aren’t fulfilling your end of the bargain.

As I’ve mentioned in this post, Post Office is objectively the better choice.

Most here are open Saturdays and are also open in a lunch break - they’re also conveniently placed to where someone would buy a sandwich.

Also to mention Monzo’s limits are terrible so you might use this service once or twice a year, so it won’t hurt to miss a couple of lunch breaks :slight_smile:


It’s great that Monzo is in communication with Paypoint to actively feed back and try to improve the service. I do however think this reflects badly on Monzo as well as Paypoint and the longer the situation goes on where some Paypoints are not providing the service properly the more negatively it impacts my opinion of Monzo for not looking to provide an alternative service.

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