Can't deposit cash

I’m new Monzo user. I just got my new card today and was trying for one hour to deposit cash. I visited 4 paypoint locations at West Croydon. But some of them behave like they don’t know how to deposit cash and asked me to visit another location. Some behave like machine doesn’t work but I see ‘till available’. So I’m not sure how to deposit cash into my account.!!!

They just need to swipe you card and treat it like a “top up” :slight_smile:

Yes. But I see they don’t like taking cash or refuse the idea at all.

I believe you can email with the paypoint locations and they can chase it up with paypoint who will hopefully tell off the shop, but not sure how long that takes.

But if the cashier is being akward there isn’t much you can do, I guess their scared of messing up, try pressure them.

Can we not use the post office instead?

Nope, paypoint only :slight_smile:

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It’s not worth their time, to be frank :man_shrugging:

If it’s wasting of their time why they accept this type transactions from beginning now it’s wasting of our time not them!!

I was able to deposit cash but not in Croydon. Thank you everybody. Have a nice evening.