Who are the Monzo Coral Crew?

(Richard Cook) #1

The Coral Crew are our forum superstars.

What do they do? Well, they:

  • Keep the forum neat and tidy by splitting and merging threads.
  • Lead discussions on the Community
  • Help to shape our community, and give us feedback
  • Let Monzo staff know when there’s something only we can help with.
  • Love helping others get the most out of Monzo.

What do the Coral Crew get in return?

  • A special badge and title in our Community
  • Exclusive Monzo swag
  • Access to the Community Guides forum category & Slack channel - where they can talk directly with us.
  • Automatic entry to all Monzo events.

How can I become a Coral Crew member?

Stay active in the Monzo Community and you’ll automatically level up your account. The current levels you can reach are:

  1. New User
  2. Member
  3. Regular

To join the Coral Crew, you have to become a Regular first. Every two months, we check in on the most active Regulars, and invite some to join the crew!

Who’s in the Coral Crew at the moment?

We have 9 Coral Crew members right now: @Avishai @Feathers @leonardh @tomsr @evangelskies, @Dannytc, @glasgow, @Jackcrwhitney and @peter_g

If you see them around, say hi!

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Say hello to the Coral Crew!
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A few words about how things are going
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Coral Crew Code of Conduct
:white_check_mark: [Android/iOS] Scheduled pot withdrawals occur *after* scheduled payments, causing scheduled payments to fail
Community Roundup - 16/3/2018
Making Monzo Tweets
(Richard Cook) pinned globally #2

(https://youtu.be/5DmYLrxR0Y8) #3

Are you taking suggestions for alternatives to leaders?

I’d like to suggest CSO or Community Support Officers.

(Ben Green) #4

Closely followed by me


And me

(Jack Donovan) #6


(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #7

Any clues on the awesome new name? :smiley:

My guess is on Leaders_new :wink:

(Richard Cook) #8

Well, back to the drawing board.

We’ve got a few ideas kicking around. We’ll share them soon :slight_smile:

(https://youtu.be/5DmYLrxR0Y8) #9

Did you see this suggestion?

(Richard Cook) #10

I’ll take it into consideration :policeman:

(https://youtu.be/5DmYLrxR0Y8) #11

(Rodolfo Simoes) #12

This is a great suggestion.

CC - Community Commander or Community Chief could work also

If not Monzonettes or Leader Mcleaderface could be considered :smiley:


As they are supposed to jump into action and stop things getting out of control, how about Fire Fighters. Or call them Wardens, like traffic wardens, policing their responsibilities and handing out warnings. Or Spin Doctors, controling the direction a thread takes.

it’s a joke @alexs !

(Alex Sherwood) #14

Yer you’ve kind of missed the point of the role :slight_smile:

(Ben Green) #15

How about Monzo Friends?


(Only available in amateur ) #16

Stormtroopers or Avengers

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #17

The Clean-up Crew. Or could be Kleen-Up Krew, to keep down with the kids.




Alex’s Angels?

(Leon) #20

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!