Say hello to the new members of the Coral Crew! 👋

Two months ago we revamped our Community Leader program and introduced the world to the Coral Crew!

Since then, the time has absolutely flown by. And we’ve been really happy to see lots of new faces popping up on the forum, wanting to get involved.

And now that it’s been two months, that means we’re due a refresh! So, we’re excited to say…

Say hello to our new Coral Crew members: @Dannytc, @Jackcrwhitney, & @glasgow :tada:

We can’t wait to see what these new faces bring to our community.

And we’re sad to say that we’ll also be saying goodbye to a few faces. @HoddzDJ, @Rat_au_van, and @alexs will be moving on, but it’s never goodbye for good. We hope they’ll stick around and help keep this a great place to come and chat about Monzo.

We’ve also now published our Coral Crew Code of Conduct. This is a separate Code of Conduct just for Coral Crew, explaining what we expect from them and what we’ll offer in return.

Want to get involved with the next round?

Just keep posting, and help folks out where you can. We’ll be in touch in two months if we think you could be our newest Coral Crew member :hot_coral_heart:


Hey all,

Congratulations on making coral crew :smiley: <3

Sorry to see you go @HoddzDJ and @Rat_au_van best of luck with any forum moderation you do elsewhere!


Had a feeling Danny and Jack would become coral crew as they are very helpful, well done guys


Hey All :wave: ,

Thanks @m8tt & @Venomx :blush: .

Just want to take the opportunity to say thanks to @HoddzDJ , @Rat_au_van & @alexs for providing such great input here on the forum before and during their time as part of the CC, it’s really helped to shape the community and made it a better place. I hope to still see you all on here :wink: .



Thank you @cookywook :slight_smile:

@HoddzDJ, @Rat_au_van, and @alexs
These three are definitely in need of a thank you from me, as the first few posts I made on here were about my personal experiences and using Monzo. The support was amazing! Really set the impression for me of how great this community is.



Hoping to see you contribute to this forum, @alexs, @HoddzDJ and @Rat_au_van.



Congratulations @Dannytc @Jackcrwhitney @glasgow! Can’t wait to see more of your contributions on here :raised_hands:t3: y’all have made such solid responses and are so helpful, it inspires me to do better :blush::fire:

Also, thank you to @Rat_au_van, @HoddzDJ, @alexs- they’ve been a big part of my forum experience and I’ll never forget how lightning quick questions were answered and threads dealt with. I’m sad they’re no longer part of CC but I’m sure they’ll still be a wonderful, positive influence on here :raised_hands:t3::sparkles:


Sorry for my tardiness (being dragged round Tesco…)!

Thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward to getting stuck in and catching up with the rest of the crew to see what we can do!!

As others have said thanks to the outgoing coral crew for all your hard work and support over recent months. It’s not gone unnoticed and you’ve set the bar high for us noobs!


I feel the world is changing as I stand still! Quite disorientating…

Hello to the new and I’ll-sort-of-miss-you-but-you’re-still-here-so-I-won’t-really to the others :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. It’s been fun working with you :grinning:

All these new coral coloured 4s to get used to.


Congrats init

Shame @alexs is going tbh he’s everywhere anyway so not like he’s really gone.


Congrats to the new Crew! :raised_hands: Great choices, @.cookywook and congrats to you all! :smile:

And really sorry to see the old guard go - but they’ll forever be amazing. When we’re at a #millionmillionmonzo customers* then you’ll look back and see you were a super important part of that journey!

(Actually, I’m quite taken by the idea of rotating Coral Crew status - so hopefully some will sub back in in the future😜)

*I’m determined that this hash tag becomes a thing. A million million Monzo customers. Yay!

#millionmillionmonzo :monzo:

(Edit: @cookywook, on the Coral Crew Code of Conduct, under “Our Responsibilities To You” there’s still a reference to being a Leader rather than Coral Crew << minor point)


An interesting thought. Given there are only eight billion people on the planet, you’d need to start offering banking to ants or something… :ant: There’s probably a great joke in there somewhere, but I’m struggling to think of it! :clown_face:

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Ha yes! #MonzoForMites

(I was confusing British and American billions without engaging brain. Still, stretching targets eh? :wink:)

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Have you ever actually seen an “American billion” used as a number? I’ve worked for two American banks, and they both used a real billion. Also what do Americans supposedly call a thousand million?

Thank you to Coral Crew members past and present.

Uatu is always watching :eyes:


Americans call a thousand million a billion. Didn’t the British billion used to be a million million before they adopted the American billion (thousand million)? I had never heard of a British billion until last year tbh


That’s my understanding, too…

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I thought the exact opposite!

Ah, that’s why I was mildly confused by your last post!

Off topic explanation of what Wikipedia says about billions

A billion is a number with two distinct definitions:

  • 1,000,000,000, i.e. one thousand million, or 10^9 (ten to the ninth power), as defined on the short scale. This is now the meaning in both British and American English.
  • Historically, in British English, 1,000,000,000,000, i.e. one million million, or 10^12 (ten to the twelfth power), as defined on the long scale. This is one thousand times larger than the short scale billion, and equivalent to the short scale trillion.